The Special Branch: Addictology Added:14.6. 2009
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The Special Branch: Addictology

Drug addiction and other long been one of the major problems of our society. Although there are already several organizations and institutions in the treatment and prevention of these forms of risky behavior targeted range of specialized fields of study that would educate professionals in the Addictology, in our country is lagging. The exception is perhaps the Prague Medical Faculty. (Article was updated on the 28th 11th, 2009)

=== What is addictology

Addictology is a multidisciplinary field, dealing with various forms of substance abuse and other forms of potentially addictive behavior. It focuses on ways to prevent these forms of behavior, or at least minimize their consequences, but of course, on how to treat clients and how to reintegrate into society. The study of specific forms of human behavior with addiction, this study uses the knowledge of cultural, historical, social, economic, environmental and structural and examine the conditions and factors that could affect or are already affecting human behavior. Since 2008 the profession was officially recognized adiktologa „non-medical health profession“ (see amendment to Act No. 96/2004 Coll. – Act on non-medical health professions).

Where can I study addictology

Branch Addictology can study in the Czech Republic only on the first Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague, in the Centre for Addictology Psychiatric Clinic, 1st Faculty of Medicine Charles University.

Contents === studies

Branch Addictology with us is not the oldest, the first Medical Faculty of Charles University was first opened in 2005/2006. It is a discipline involving various disciplines of psychology, special education and sociology, but medicine, criminology, etc. It concerns but also knowledge from other disciplines, such as the economics, law, politics, religion or cultural and social anthropology. The aim of the study is theoretically and practically to acquaint students with the problems of some forms of risky behavior (drug addiction, gambling, etc.). With the possibilities of their research, treatment and prevention. Branch Addictology for both forms of study spread over three years. In the first year of study, students learn primarily with theoretical knowledge of medical fields (so-called stem subjects) and basic knowledge of disciplines adiktologických. In the second phase has been more emphasis on vocational subjects adiktologické and finally the last period of study focuses mainly on practical training and mastery of therapeutic skills.

Forms === studies

Addictology Branch is currently offered only a Bachelor's degree cycle, not only in attendance, but from and to. year 2008/2009 in the combined form. The combined study of e-learning combines online classes with group workshops and individual consultations. In the academic year 2010/2011 will be open for those interested in the master studies.

Graduate profile === === Addictology Graduates may apply such as workers and drug prevention services (health and non-medical, state and private), as civil servants dealing with the prevention and solution of problems associated with risk forms of human behavior, such as further education preventisté or advisors to solve problems associated with risky behavior, etc. They are used but also in social service facilities, special education, the prison service, probation and mediation service, police or army.

Admission tests === === The admission procedure consists of written and oral examinations which are compulsory and voluntary parts. The decisive condition for acceptance is, however, successfully completed the mandatory two parts. The compulsory part of the written test verifies basic knowledge of professional concepts in the field of drugs and drug addiction (check the „“:…glosar_pojmu ) and then the knowledge of biology, chemistry and physics. The interview, which is also an inevitable part of the admissions test, is both an analysis of the results of written tests, complete with any additional questions to them, further debate is used to verify candidate ability to understand professional text and finally the final part of the interview is to examine the motivation to study. Optional parts of the writing test is documented professional experience or volunteer work in the field or professional written work on the field Addictology. For more information on the content tests found „here“:….

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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