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What kind of work they want to graduates of the University Palacky? Added:18.6. 2009
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What kind of work they want to graduates of the University Palacky?

Two out of three college students want to study to make ends meet during the brigades, even if they do not. One in four post graduate studies, planning a trip abroad, to reinforce the language. These data, together with other specialist emerged from the survey, to which he joined in recent weeks, almost 3,500 students from eight faculties of the University of Palacky in Olomouc.

„Through this survey, we mainly wanted to find out what plans the students after graduation, whether they want to start work or are interested in business,“ said project director of Scientific Research and Technology Park UP Herinek George, whose office organized the research. More than forty percent of UP students, for example, in his words, begins to look for future application in the last year of high school. „The vast majority of them wishes to take hold in the field, only a small percentage of the respondents can imagine the other work,“ he described. Job or internship abroad would have been for almost half of university students compelling reason for discontinuation of studies. About a quarter of the respondents have college students interested in future business, more than half was based on a survey of self-employment is not considering at all. „Students who are considering a business, would in the beginning in addition to financial support, welcomed in particular expertise,“ said Herinek.

Science and Technology Park UP offers through its business incubator to all who have an interesting business idea, a number of free services. It also provides preferential rent office and manufacturing space, consulting services and use of equipment and expertise of the university.

Survey plans and interests of students UP:

  • Brigades to make ends meet while studying the more than 28 percent of respondents, over 60 percent to earn not, but wants the remaining 11 percent are not interested in the brigade;
  • Due to the supply of professional experience, the study discontinued almost 23 percent of students surveyed, more than 43 percent would do so because of the placement abroad, 12 percent would be motivated to break the desire to improve the language;
  • Immediately after studying plans to nearly 54 percent of UP students to enter employment, 22 percent plan to travel the world and improve language skills, 15 percent are planning to start studying another field or another high school, nearly 9 percent considering a business;
  • Many students who want to start immediately after school to work is the Faculty of Medicine, is the least of the Faculty of Arts and Science faculty, the students plan to travel after graduation, or intend to start studying again.
  • Participated in the survey with about 3,500 students from a total of 22,000 students, Palacky University in Olomouc;
  • The largest proportion of respondents Studies Faculty of Arts, followed by the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Medicine, Education, Theology St. Cyril and Methodius, Faculty of Physical Culture and the Faculty of Health Sciences;

Source: Press Release UP

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