Members are considering deferral of state graduation examination Added:10.6. 2009
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Members are considering deferral of state graduation examination

ODS deputies, led by Walter Bartos decided to give the House a proposal to postpone the state graduation examination due to their lack of preparedness. They argue that it is still not clear which company will organize the data security system, teacher training, graduation and back print collection of material. According to Bartos is problematic and that it is not yet determined the score needed to pass the examination.

Lay of the state graduation examination in the next year stood and CSSD. High school diploma would be postponed for another two years. To the contrary, the Christian Democrats.

Students who disagree with the state graduation, going to 19 June in Prague demonstration. Education Minister Miroslav Kopicova still counts with the launch just a year maturities. On „their website“:…itni-zkousce, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in response to the information summary of the most important changes in the final examination of secondary education, including a calendar of events surrounding the state graduation.

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