Moravian College in Manchester is still taking applicants Added:14.6. 2009
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Moravian College in Manchester is still taking applicants

The private Moravian College in Manchester (MVŠO) is ongoing admission to undergraduate courses in Business Economics and Management, and Economics in the public sector and enterprise, and even in full-time form. Entries can be sent to the 24th ** July 2009 **.

Candidates must pass an oral exam and the letter (motivation) interview. Expected from them knowledge of general knowledge, language (English preference), work with computers and scale economies in grammar school curriculum.

For more information, you can stop at ** Open Day 13th June 2009 ** 9 to 12 hours in the school building Jeremenkova Street in Manchester or view Web pages MVŠO.

Source: Press Release MVŠO, MVŠO site.

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