The Special Field: Biomedical Engineering Added:20.6. 2009
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The Special Field: Biomedical Engineering

Medicine is not just a rustle of white coats, unintelligible Latin diagnosis and direct patient care. It's also a lot of small and large machinery, equipment and meter, without which doctors and nurses have often been like without hands. And those are the focus of biomedical engineers.

What do expect from the study ?

Studying biomedical engineer is, as the name suggests, linking physical reasoning with medical knowledge. So you can not pass courses focusing on mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, anatomy and human physiology, but also computer science, cybernetics, electronics and signal processing and image processing. In essence, the broad-based science is a specialized medical orientation. But do not just dry theory. The course is interspersed with practical exercises, visits to demonstration sites, as well as their own separate practice. Failure is not an emphasis on medical ethics. You will, of course with the teaching of foreign languages.

Profile of graduates ===== =====

Output knowledge of graduates, they should guarantee the ability to work independently with medical technology, and use it to check and ensure the activities associated with its operation. Will be useful as assistants in the investigation of imaging methods. Will have the knowledge necessary to provide for the hospital information system. They should be able to solve problems of failure of medical devices, diagnostic software to operate, but also to train such personnel to operate such devices. Their priority should be the skill to cooperate within the team and the professional and general communication in a foreign language.

Where to look for work ?

Bachelor degree graduates are prepared for both practice and research and other studies. As for the institutions that could become future employers of biomedical engineers recently finished study include, for example, different medical facilities (hospitals, clinics, etc.), developmental and educational institutions, research teams, development and manufacturing, sales and service companies in the medical field science, biological and genetic research.

===== Exams

The wait for a written entrance examination tests in physics, biology and mathematics. According to a particular school can help you mark on the school-leaving certificate. To illustrate, you can see the sample tests in mathematics CTU – „here“: of physics – „here“: / teaching / prijimaci_zkou­ska_fyzika / and biology – „here“:…otazkybi.doc.

Where to study ?

  • Faculty of Biomedical Engineering CTU in Prague

The three-year bachelor's degree program Biomedical and Clinical Technology „Field of Biomedical Technology“:…nsky-technik

  • Medical Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno in cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication BUT

„Bachelor degree in Biomedical Technology and Bioinformatics“:…

  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Ostrava

The three-year bachelor's degree program Electrical Engineering „Field of Biomedical Technology“:…-programy/bc- stud-prog-elektrotechni­ka/biomedicin­sky-technik-vice-bc

  • Department of Health Studies, Technical University of Liberec

The three-year bachelor's degree Biomedical Technology Program „Field of Biomedical Technology“:…nt-3009.html

Source: websites of individual faculties (see above)

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