COMPARISON OF COURSES: Film criticism Added:28.6. 2009
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Film buffs who want to enter the world of film in the academic sphere, have the opportunity to study the history and contemporary audiovisual culture at three universities, namely Charles, Palacky and Masaryk University. But how different from one another department? Note: Article was updated on the 30th 11th 2009 (-pel-)

Industries focusing on film studies at our study on three departments:

  • ** Where: ** Department of movie studios Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University

** Website: ** „“: ** Implementation study: ** single-subject three-year Bachelor and two-year Master's degree program navazajucí ** Characteristics of the study: ** study a broad base of studies at Charles University (two foreign languages, basic philosophy, physical education), objects of film theory, world history, Czech and Slovak film and block further elective courses from other disciplines. In the study, the emphasis on written work of various kinds, and active participation in seminars (discussions on given topics, text analysis, developing critical thinking skills and writing, historical analysis and criticism of sources, from archival research, from periodicals and literature, etc. ). The study allows to gain a thorough knowledge of world history of cinema and the history of Czech and Slovak film in the broad context of interdisciplinary and comprehensive knowledge about the past and present theoretical reflection film media. ** Admission: ** Admission is two-and consists of aptitude test that examines the candidate's ability to perceive the film (in a written analysis předvedeného film and a written test), and an oral interview, which refer at least four times the number of candidates accepted to the quota students. First round: aptitude test – a written analysis předvedeného film survey adept ability to perceive and interpret the film work and tests relating to that film and general knowledge of the arts. Second round: oral – interview with adept based on his knowledge of the history of world and Czech film from the film theory and the general humanities and related disciplines uměnovědných, then interview the film present the history and foundations of the theory on which the candidate demonstrates his total view in the film industry, knowledge of specialist periodicals (Illumination, Film and the time Cinepur, Kino-Ikon) and selected titles of literature and its susceptibility to motion picture work. Details including the ability to complete a preparatory course „here“: The benchmark **: ** see „here“: 2008.pdf

  • ** Where: ** Department of Film and Audiovisual Arts of Masaryk University

** Website: ** „“:…home/studium ** Implementation study: ** Archeology and single-subject three-year Bachelor and two-year Master's degree program navazajucí, if dvouoborového study the possibility of combination with selected fields of the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Social Studies ** Characteristics of the study: ** This department is trying to create with their students in particular, reflect the ability of Czech Cinematography (Czech film in exile, new wave, interwar and postwar cinema), history of cinema in Central and Eastern Europe and the Third World, also focuses the typological and genre studies, contemporary film theory and the historical, aesthetic and cultural studies of culture and audiovisual media. General Studies program is focused on three main areas: the history of Czech cinema, the history of world cinema and to the theoretical and historical reflection film, television, new media and audiovisual culture. Additionally also implemented practically oriented courses in criticism, dramaturgy and screenwriting, public television programming, etc.. ** Admission: ** The admission decision sum of points in the Learning Potential Test and branch test, see „here“:…i-zkouska-do- Bachelor-studies. The benchmark **: ** see „here“:…t_FAV_08.doc

  • ** Where: ** Department of Theatre, Film and Media Studies Faculty of Arts, Palacky University

** Website: ** „ / tddu“: ** Implementation study: ** Archeology studies – can be combined with any other branch dvouoborového study at the Faculty of Arts except Theatre Studies ** Characteristics of the study: A Study in Olomouc ** includes in addition to teaching classical subjects filmologie and practical training in other areas, you will appreciate after entering practice. The credit system and offer courses in the semester allows you to create your own professional profile with regard to your idea of ​​a future application. You can earn credits in the discipline of film management, production and dramaturgy in practice and in film (camera work). Credits can be obtained by performing practice in newsrooms, on television, radio and film studios, the successful implementation of the public project, participation in film festivals, etc.. Every year the Department holds a workshop of creative writing instructor who leads the American professor. Howard Blanning. The program of study are also included items from the history of literature and literary aesthetics, and courses with an interdisciplinary character. ** Admission: ** oral interview in which the department receives is focused on the candidates ability to analyze a specific film work, his expressive and communication skills, his experience with film culture and its relationship to architecture. At the oral interview also takes into account the breadth, quality and a restructuring sent a list of films viewed and read literature. Therefore, the applicant must send the Department a list of viewed movies, read scripts, professional and popular works about the film and its own independent professional work (film review, film maker, historical work of film history, etc.) in the range up to 10 pages.

More about the film industry to learn science in the „Our Specials“:…em/index.php?….

Source: websites of individual departments

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