Charles University - on several sectors applications until June! Added:18.6. 2009
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Charles University - on several sectors applications until June!

Faculty of Arts of Charles University announces additional admissions for selected disciplines. ** Those interested in studying musicology, general linguistics, social work, turkologie, portugalistiky and Dutch Language and Literature ** You can apply until 30 June. Admission for the next academic year will take place from 1 9th 2009 to 7 9th 2009, replacement of the entrance examination, then a week from 10 9th 2009 to 15 9th 2009th

Applicants go through a learning one round the mouth of the test, those interested in musical science, then one round written test. Admission to social work has two wheels, both oral and written. All tests examine the knowledge of the topic and related to the field.

For more information: „Http://www.ff­­zari.doc“:…boryzari.doc

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