Portuguese in Ostrava and the public Added:19.6. 2009
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Portuguese in Ostrava and the public

A two-semester course of Portuguese language and cultural studies prepared for the next academic year, The University ** ** ** Camõesovým together with the Portuguese Institute in Prague **.

The structure of education promises the greatest possible emphasis on practice – the course, visitors will be able to arrange for the completion of the Portuguese business meeting, write a resume, navigate to the information in the field of economics, education and culture and these issues also have a conversation.

The course will offer contact with people who use Portuguese in their daily jobs with native speakers. The training will also be preparing for an internationally recognized test DEPLE.

The module will take place within the framework of lifelong learning. This program is paid and write in it except the students and the general public. Price for two semesters is 12 550, – CZK.

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