COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Art Studies Added:26.6. 2009
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That art can sometimes be a science study demonstrates that in our individually offer a total of two high schools. It is called Art Studies and aims to prepare those professionals who not only have a broad view of art historian, but also the art are able to correctly interpret theoretically and practically. (First article was updated on the 12th, 2009)

Masaryk University in Brno


Bachelor's degree program: ** General Theory and History of Art and Culture ** Undergraduate courses:

  • Full:

single-subject: ** Art History, Aesthetics, Musicology, Combined Art Studies, Theory and History of Theatre, Theory and History of Film and Audiovisual Culture, Theory and Practice of Ancient Music, Theory of Interactive Media ** (3 years) Archeology: ** Art History, Aesthetics, Musicology, Combined Art Studies, Theory and History of Theatre, Theory and History of Film and Audiovisual Culture, Theory of Interactive Media ** (3 years)

  • Combined:

single-subject: ** Art History, Musicology, Combined Art Studies, Theory and History of Theatre, Theory and History of Film and Audiovisual Culture, Theory and Practice of Ancient Music, Theory of Interactive Media ** (3 years)

Master program: ** General Theory and History of Art and Culture ** Postgraduate courses:

  • Full:

single-subject: ** Aesthetics, Theory and History of Theatre ** (5 years) dvouborové: ** Art History, Aesthetics, Musicology, Theory and History of Theatre, Theory and History of Film and Audiovisual Culture ** (5 years)

=== About the studio

The base is undoubtedly uměnovědných studies History of Art, which was on the faculty of the same name dedicated bachelor and master's degree in. As part of this field is therefore placed emphasis on history, but also to various forms of art, philosophy, humanities and. Wide view, this time with more focus on the present, it also provides study Combined Art Studies. Another special way, which can take this study, the Aesthetics. Here, students learn particular disciplines such as philosophy, psychology, literature and art, of course, different types (so-called outside. fine arts such as sculpture, painting or architecture). The main emphasis is placed on the ability of interpreting works of art and working with art and literature. This course is intended mainly for those who are interested in literature, languages, history, philosophy, theater and film, etc.. Musically, the focus then applicants can make use of field Musicology or Theory and Practice of Early Music, where students develop not only their knowledge of historical music, but also develop their practical skills in the game on one of the old instruments (baroque violin, baroque flute, Baroque cello, viola da gamba, double bass, lute, harpsichord and recorder) or singing. Those interested in theater or cinema can choose between history and theory of theater history and theory of film and audiovisual culture. A special subsection is Theory of Interactive Media, which can be compared to the previous study only in the Bachelor cycle.

Admission tests === === All of the above fields accept their candidate based on test results of entrance requirements. Only in Theory and History of Theatre, Theory and History of Film and Audiovisual Culture and Theory and Practice of Ancient Music composed candidates have industry-test (demonstration of its literature and recommended him to find „here“: http://www.phil.muni. cz/wff/home/pri­jimaci/prijima­ci-rizeni-do-bakalarskeho-studia/pozadavky-2009–2010.

=== Graduates

Graduates of bachelor programs focusing on art history ** ** is usually applied as an abstractor and assistant curators in professional organizations, preservation of monuments, museums and galleries, the business activities associated with art and antiques, presentation and promotion of fine arts in journalism and editorial work in state administration bodies and local governments. Postgraduate study also provides them the opportunity to assert themselves in areas such as museology and conservation especially in their professional work, in senior positions in science and research institutes, etc.

Bachelors ** ** aesthetics may operate for example in the media as an art critic and consultant, as a manager and spokesman on the arts, public administration culture and arts, theaters, museums, galleries and other cultural institutions. The municipality may apply to be as editors or editors, literary writers or as teachers of aesthetics. Master's degree also opens the way for them to those positions where they can use their Arts and comprehensive cultural and historical knowledge (eg publications, translation of artistic literature, etc.).

Also science graduates ** Music ** have quite a wide range of applications: for example, can work in research (in archives, museums and the academic institutions), followed by management of the Phonographic Industry (via radio from the music publishers to organizing concerts), in the sphere music education, etc.

** The field Theory and Practice of Early Music ** range of possibilities is due to the narrow specialization somewhat narrower, but it is balanced very professional, almost exclusive graduate profile. His options, however, also does not stop only at the theory and operation of early music.

In contrast, ** ** Combined Art Studies offers graduates the opportunity to apply for example in management culture, advertising and public relations.

** Theatrical or cinematic ** focus graduates can assert themselves in various positions in the field of humanities, arts, media and cultural institutions. Bachelors are more qualified to work in applied disciplines (cultural and film journalism and journalism in the media, public relations, publishing and translating activities, management of cinemas, cultural and educational institutions, organization of theater and film events, dramaturgy, etc.), compared with the municipalities have thanks to wider horizons can use their qualifications in the field of basic research (scientific and educational activities such as archiving, etc.).

** ** Theory of Interactive Media offers graduates the opportunity to succeed in various positions in the field of interactive and new media that require creative and critical-analytical skills.

** Web: ** „“:…rogrammes/21?…

Palacky University in Olomouc


Bachelor's degree course:

  • Full: Art Studies ** ** (3 years, single-subject and two-subject study)

=== About the studio

Field of Art Studies in the academic year 2009/10 at the University of Olomouc its premiere. It organizes the Department of Musicology in collaboration with the Department of Theatre, Film and Media Studies and Art History Department. As at the Masaryk University in Olomouc is focused on a variety of artistic movements, but in this case Art Studies uncompromised – ie within a single field. His students not only gain a good insight into the different types of art (in terms of historical, territorial and scientific), but also to the sociological aspects of culture, its organization and management. Great emphasis is placed on acquiring the necessary linguistic, organizational and managerial skills. The study is designed to facilitate the graduates of Bachelor's easy to apply in the labor market or continue to successfully master study (in the fields of musicology, theater studies, film studies, or theory and history of fine arts).

Admission tests === === Applicants are selected on the basis of national comparative test – a test of general study skills, organized by Scio.

=== Graduates

Graduates can work in such agencies artistic, musical institutions, media, publishing houses, museums and libraries in administrations, in advertising, etc.

** Web: ** „“:…uj_na_FF.pdf

== Other schools

Teaching includes courses in uměnovědných study provides, inter alia, „Academy of Arts and Design in Prague“:…jni-programy or schools that offer disciplines focusing on theater and film studies, photography, art, etc.

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