In October, will have new graduation rehearsal Added:20.6. 2009
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In October, will have new graduation rehearsal

Common parts of the graduation test awaits experimental verification of 19 and 20 October 2009. The main objective will be to validate the overall methodology, logistics and safety of the school-leaving examination and verification process of evaluation trials held in the form of written work and didactic tests. Verification will monitor the readiness of individual roles – staff trained to perform the function of school graduation Commissioner authority tests and assessor written work, as well as evaluators of open tasks of teaching and school tests.

The whole event will ensure the Centre for Evaluation of Educational Achievement.

Experimental verification will be attended by all high school students who will graduate next school year.

More on: „Decree of the Ministry of Education“:…ni_PO_MZ.doc

Sources: „Official website of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports“: „Official site of the new graduation“:

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