The new building of the Faculty of Science UPOL open Added:24.6. 2009
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The new building of the Faculty of Science UPOL open

On 22nd ** 6th 2009 ** was inaugurated new building of the Faculty of Science, Palacky Univerzitvy. Construction of the building took over two years and cost more than 1 000,000 thousand. CZK, making it the largest investment project in the history of the university.

For the university a new building means a significant change **. ** To date, work will finally be shattered in one centralized location, from which he promises to conduct more effective teaching in particular.

Building exactly matches the specific needs of 12 departments and laboratories in particular technology also features a camera and an alarm system for Deaf and Blind. Architectural design studio from the M1. Photos and more information is available „here“:…cle/64/4850/.

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