COMPARISON OF COURSES: Gastronomy, Hotel Management, Tourism Added:2.7. 2009
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COMPARISON OF COURSES: Gastronomy, Hotel Management, Tourism

If you've ever seen the British sitcom Fawlty Towers, probably already know how to keep the hotels do not. The main character, the hotel owner, Mr Fawlty, probably did not complete any of the schools in our survey. To do so, but you can – as a first step towards the dream of the company's own field of gastronomy, hospitality and tourism. Note: Article was updated on 4 12th 2009 (-HUS-).

* Faculty of Business and in Karvina, Silesian University in Opava

Field Name **: ** Hospitality ** Type of study: Bachelor ** three full-time ** Course characteristics: ** The study has been designed to cover practical and theoretical requirements for the exercise of their future profession. You will have the traditional economic subjects such as microeconomics, macroeconomics and accounting, but there will also courses focusing on leisure activities – such as summer and winter outdoor activities, indoor activities and foreign visits. Among the subjects also include those of the management of hotel facilities and misses you or compulsory teaching of two foreign languages ​​and information technology. The study is a professional practice. ** Graduates ** After graduating, you can continue the master's level, or try out their newly acquired knowledge directly in practice, eg in management positions in hotels, restaurants, as well as spa services. In addition, graduates should be able to handle the organization and preparation of special events such as conferences and banquets. Expected to apply to middle management positions in private and public enterprises, and through obligatory language skills are also a graduate in international institutions. ** Entrance Exams ** Faculty of Business and writes two rounds of recruitment. Applications should be submitted in the first round to 26 February 2010 in the second round of the July 9 2010th At the entrance to wait for the written test candidates study assumptions, including knowledge of mathematics, economics and social overview of the extent of the secondary curriculum. However, if the faculty send the original or a certified copy of certificate of comparative trials of the National Scio study of general assumptions harmonized better than 25 percentile, while the place were the first among 750 candidates to study at the faculty, you will be spared the entrance examination and admitted straight away. The application must also deliver the medical certificate of fitness to study and occupation. ** Source: ** „Web Business Faculty of the Silesian University in Opava“:

  • ===== Philosophy and Science, Silesian University in Opava =====

Field Name **: ** Spa and Tourism ** Type of study: Bachelor ** three full-time ** Course characteristics: ** At the core of the study focused mainly on the field of spa treatment, students gradually learn the details about health and lifestyle, nutrition and gastronomy, is familiar with the pitfalls of use of spa facilities. On the other hand, the faculty seeks to give students further extending the subjects and taking into account the prior training or experience in practice. They relate mainly to tourism in a broader sense, its services and geography, history, culture, guiding services and presentations at trade fairs. Compulsory subjects are economics, science and foreign language teaching. ** Graduates ** Graduates can apply in their relatives and spa treatments and relaxation facilities, travel agencies, tourist information centers, for consulting services in organization of exhibitions and congresses, but also in promoting services. In addition, after completion of pedagogical studies of professional work as teachers of practical subjects. Potential employers are the State authorities, whose work relates to regional development. ** Entrance Exams ** Study the spa and tourism shall be accepted based on results from General study assumptions of Scio. It is also necessary to prove medical fitness to study a medical certificate. ** Source: ** „Website of the Faculty of Philosophy and Science“:

* High School ===== hotel in Prague

Field Name **: ** Hospitality ** Type of study: ** Combined Bachelor and three full-time ** Characteristics of the field and graduate profile: ** hotel Studies at the University of Prague hotel highlights include students in practice (this is mandatory – three weeks in the 2nd and 4th semester and special předdiplomní practice in year 3). Required is the participation in the teaching of two languages, one of which is English and other students are selected according to their interests. The field is designed to cover the entire spectrum of hospitality and tourism. Graduates should be prepared for careers in performance management, business operations even in hotels, accommodation and restaurants. Of course there is the possibility to continue in the related field of study at Master's level. Entrance Exams ** ** The admission by the Rector, whichever is the order of applications which meet the necessary requirements – school requires a certificate of fitness, as evidenced by the benefit of middle school and high school knowledge of at least one foreign language. ** Source: ** „High School site hotel in Prague“:…udium-nav33/

* High School of Tourism, Hotel and Spa in Prague

Field Name **: ** hotel management, catering facilities and spa ** Type of study: ** three-time and part-time undergraduate study ** Course characteristics: ** Field is taught within the degree program in Economics and Management, together with the field of tourism management. The first two years are common to these areas and only after their graduation, the students decide what will be their focus. Study subjects in addition to economic and those associated with the management places great emphasis on language skills. Required are three languages ​​- English and Others of your choice. However, it is possible to attend the fourth foreign language courses. An integral part of the study is the practice – which is exercised at the discretion of students in a hotel in Spa Luhacovice or a travel agency Fischer. ** Graduates ** Graduates of hotel management, catering facilities and spas should be qualified management teams operating hotels, accommodation and catering establishments, restaurants and spas. Targeting may mean higher management positions. Equipped with the necessary knowledge of the law (especially in commercial and labor law), and marketing. They should be able to motivate their employees succeed and even international competition. ** Entrance Exams ** exams consist of a written test in a foreign language (applicants can choose between English and German) and motivational interview, which verifies the applicant's own motivation to study. ** Source: ** „High School site of Tourism, Hotel and Spa in Prague“:…

* College of Business and Hotel in Brno

Field Name **: ** hotel management ** Type of study: ** three-time and part-time undergraduate study ** Course characteristics: ** The school requires its students to meet key subjects such as macroeconomics and microeconomics, management reviews, information and reservation systems, international marketing, food and beverage management and animation. In addition, you also waiting for mathematics, statistics and guiding methodology. Have traditional hospitality are part of the study two compulsory languages ​​and practices (in 6 weeks). In addition, the school is recommended to practice abroad. ** Graduates ** Graduates shall be applied in higher professional positions in hotels, hotel chains and accommodation facilities. Entrance Exams ** ** decides on admission to the school rector of the interview and the motivation of the verification requirements of potential students. Applications to study school receives ongoing in several rounds. ** Source: ** „High School Web site and business hotel in Brno“:

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