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Radio R-radio with a large R Added:30.6. 2009
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Radio R-radio with a large R

„The Radio R have the opportunity to enjoy some last complete creative freedom,“ he says about this unique project of Masaryk University for its student radio editor John Motal.

„The idea to establish a student radio, which creates a community around creative gurus and friendly-minded listeners, came eternally optimistic Californian – Henry Loeser. Hypnotized all his persuasive view is forged and that he wants, everything goes. And it could, "write the beginnings of a unique project of Masaryk University website And indeed, over time, around him a group of people who "drank liters of coffee, three times rebuilt studio protelefonovala lot of money and came not only how to trick slot with chocolate bars, but mainly what to broadcast, for whom and how.“ About how it looks with Radio R today, and how it will look like in the future, we talk with the radio editor Jan wobbly.

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** What does one understand under the name Radio R? **

Radio with a big R (laughs). This is a project of the Department of Media Studies and Journalism, in which they can realize the people who want to broadcast. Financial and technical support provided by our department. The advantage is that it gives us total freedom. People can broadcast what they want, what else failed. Masaryk University students have the opportunity to take the radio courses, such as Internet radio, links with other courses will be addressed in the future. But our goal is to make it people do not because of money or credits due. We want to do it because they want to say something. The name has many meanings. It's read as „radio on air“, we have the slogan „revolution in broadcasting.“

** What is the revolution? **

In free space, which we offer to all potential authors. In the Czech Republic there is no non-commercial radio operator, ignoring the Proglas that is specific to its rigid circle of listeners, and public radio. Application of the people who have higher demands on the formation, is very low. Either end of the academic sphere, or taking jobs in reklamce to its artistic projects have earned. And so say all they have in our radio first and last opportunity to enjoy absolute creative freedom. And I hope that with leadership that we have, it will do well.

** They have access to the radio and people who are not studying Masaryk University? **

Sure, it reports to the students, BUT, we also show that prepared students Mendel University. We work a lot with students JAMU prepare such journalistic culture magazine Brak. Also embarking on their projects that were not censored by the Czech Radio. Our radio is space for voices that get to the media. This is also a sense of our radios, giving the possibility of alternative views.

** There are projects like this common? **

Similar projects, yes, I mention a radio bomb at University of West Bohemia. There are also lots of college radio projects and the internal networks of different schools. But if we should talk about full-format radio with a wide range of programs, which broadcasts around the clock, we are the only ones. And I think that we are exceptional in the Central European context.

** And as is the West? **

There are various community radio popular. As a non-profit organizations are often linked to universities, which is to a large extent on volunteers. The great tradition in the West are especially college radio. This we see in every other series. Broadcast, because they want to send, not because they are paying for it. The same model they have adopted and we have ours. Radio R, it can be taken as a student radio Masaryk University, but our goal is higher. We do not want to be limited only to the student community, even in the target group or the people that make up the programs. Already working with us a lot of people who are no longer students.

** If I had an interest in the broadcast, what the easiest way for me on the radio? **

Listen to the broadcast, you know what you're going to. You do not have to exhaust what you hear, you should have your vision. Come in to the contact that you will find on the site. The rest depends on the agreement. I do not no previous experience in broadcasting. The application will also find someone who can help with technology or marketing.

** What kind of radio listeners listen to R? **

Most students and their friends, as well as other supporters of the theme. I recently learned that the Petra Cihlářová who moderated Mixtape, came to Brno to sign a bunch of fans, who founded her Facebook page. So we find ourselves and the listener, depending on what interests them.

** And how it will be broadcast over the holidays, when most students disperse to the world? **

It will broadcast from the record. Fully begin work again with a new semester, when we introduce new products. Department received a large grant to enable us to move forward, to improve technical background and focus more on marketing and expanding awareness of our radio.

** Broadcast since November last year. As the radio has changed during the initial eight months? **

Unreal. I do not want to brag, but put together in less than a year from scratch radio, which now operates about thirty people, the Afternoon and opinion-broadcasting, feature, music and discussion programs, is a steep curve upward.

** Do you believe that radio has competition from other media in the future? **

Definitely. The question is whether the future of Radio R. But for the moment everything is well primed. If you will stick with him as a strong group of people, like now, I have no fears.

** Thank you for the interview .**

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MA Jan Motal (photo) studied radio programming and scriptwriting at the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno, Masaryk University studying Religious Studies. Passed the work in the newsrooms of newspapers and advertising agencies, currently revolves documents for Czech Television. It is one of the leading figures in the R Radio, where he works as a radio editor.

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