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Demand for graduates: still driven by technical, economic and IT sectors Added:4.7. 2009
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Demand for graduates: still driven by technical, economic and IT sectors

It's July and that means, inter alia, that the current job-seekers were joined by thousands more from the ranks of those who have left school or university, and benches are now issued for the demanding professional life journey. How hard for them this year will be to find a job? And what subjects are generally the most interested in the job market? We asked for them.

It would be pointless to say that this year's graduates have studied all these years, really just for my own pleasure. Maybe I find such an exception, but more likely it is that the vast majority of students over that many years of toil floated a vision of good jobs. But graduation, vocational certificate or diploma, and even, unfortunately not everything. Each time implies the current trends in the labor market, depending on what you are playing the fiddle, and / or lacking the most workers. Therefore, the server „“: decided to address a number of experts in human resources and human resources and find out what the situation on the labor market, and what graduates applied this year, according to them better than others.

** Priority is given to a narrow specialization and languages ​​** „Our clients are clearly most interested in graduates of certain professional specialization and profile. The greater the specialization the student has, the greater the chance of a good job immediately after school. Also important are the languages ​​in all fields. Although not always in practice, the student will use, but for employers it is a sign of education candidate, "said Anna Ruzickova of ALP HR consulting company that specializes in filling technical positions. The greatest interest in its graduates the CTU (especially mechanical, electrical, mechanical or faculty) and everything, and least for those clients inquire about the students of the humanities (philosophy, sociology), natural sciences, as well as PR and Human Resources. "There is usually preferable to practice before the studio,“ says University. According to Mark of the Silver Axial Personnel Agency will probably have the easiest situation, at least as regards job search, traditional doctors, but also IT specialists, economists, and electricians. Worse, he said it will no longer have civil engineers and graduates in the humanities. All this is confirmed by Daniel Stanek of Advantage Consulting. According to him, but this demand, despite some changes in the economic development comparable to the trends of recent years. „The greatest interest among employers is still a qualified candidate from the technical disciplines of finance, commerce and administration. Remain strong segments of the IT and electrical engineering, even though there is no choice of jobs as large as last year. "Advantage is very useful, he and good language skills. "Good plays mainly English and German,“ he says. Nicholas Walker of Grafton Recruitment, adds that while it does not matter only to graduating high school, but also on what type of school you have studied before. Then a big role in his play and completed study or working abroad.

** Better chances in Prague tend to have lawyers from the UK, for technical fields leading CTU ** However, differences are only in demand in individual sectors, but also within even a single specialty. As confirmed by Nicholas Walker, and sometimes act as the school where you completed the study. „In the legal field are based on our experience when choosing a new employee on the Prague market, the highest percentage of candidates in the Law Faculty of Charles University – particularly those interested in work experience in the international law firm. The position of corporate lawyers, but not graduating, so critical. In terms of prestige and quality of the graduates followed the Charles University Faculty of Law at Masaryk University and the University of West Bohemia. " Also in the field of engineering positions, but generally in other technical fields (excluding construction) is apparent in his rather more demand for graduates of Technical University in Prague, followed by Life Sciences – Technical Faculty in Prague, Brno, Technical University of Liberec and UWB London. "The IT industries leading University – Faculty of Informatics and Statistics, Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Department of Computer Science and Technical University – Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science,“ Walker says some statistics. But it also stresses that it is not any rule. „The final decision in any case will always be other options than to decide the type of high school – and especially the knowledge, experience, practice and potential candidates.“

** Vs. Prague. Regions ** Walking under a big role plays and whether it is the Prague graduates or graduates from other regions. Prague students are also more opportunities to gain valuable experience while you study. „From this experience may not benefit when seeking work full-time employment. This is the type of job is attractive to potential employers. In some other regions, there is no demand for students – term workers is so high, so the graduates of difficulty in gaining the relevant experience already in the studio. “

** This year's graduates of competition: economic crisis ** Most of us experts interviewed agree that the global economic crisis does not necessarily have to also find its reflection in the labor market. „In Prague and its surroundings were the first three months of this year, a decrease of job opportunities for about 30 percent. In some other regions (eg regions in mechanical engineering-oriented automotive industry) was down to seventy percent, "says Mark Silver. Razantního-year decline in new staff notes and Daniel Stanek, who claimed that the plunge about 40 percent. "The situation is complicated by a number of new job seekers released from permeable companies who compete complicating the whole situation in search of employment. The position of graduates from last year, worse still, whoever is willing to own after graduation to work professionally, to educate the necessary skills, language learning and also travel for work and has a very good chance to apply. The fact is that for fresh graduates are often the hardest to get the first practice and after that have already become more attractive to future employers. “

** Think just economically, at least initially ** Loss of jobs with them at the same time, of course, carries little need to compromise on demands for salary. „Even experienced bidders have to go with their required wages down, employers now pay more to hire an experienced person with the money before he could graduate. Graduates will definitely be searching for the difficult but not impossible. The job search should begin as soon as possible and use all available resources. It is important to resume the processing and quality. In addition to sending e-mails would then have the students actively to call each company and ask for the comments on their CVs, "advises Anna University. According to Daniel Stanek addition may initially offered a low salary and form a motivational device. "The labor market advocate particular candidates who are willing to work together professionally, they are flexible in time and are willing to take even a lower starting wage. Rational firm after training that employee trying to keep improving conditions. “

** A few tips at the end **

  • Work to start looking for it during the study
  • Remember that documented experience in the field are among the most valuable items in your CV
  • Practice in a foreign language, you will throw
  • Spare no money for quality education or language courses
  • At least initially discount their claims against their employers
  • Rejection of any job offer properly consider it a second chance may not come along

Author: Černá, Lucie

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