What is and what is good academic senate? Added:8.7. 2009
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What is and what is good academic senate?

If you are a student or you just feel that something is wrong or that you have a good idea or a reasoned comment, there probably better (and effective) solution than to turn his first issue on your academic senate. Its members are often people like you, so there is a real chance that, for calling.

The first Academic Senate (AS), public universities must have been one of the more significant polistopadových swallows, which ushered in the emergence of democracy in our country. Began to emerge shortly after the Velvet Revolution in 1989 and their main mission was, almost from the beginning to decide on all important matters of the school (in the case of the faculty senate).

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** ** Powers of the Senate Though it may seem at first glance, competences and public universities reach relatively deep into their structures. One of its key powers such as it is right to propose the appointment or refer the Rector may also approve the internal regulations of the school and decide on the school budget and the allocation of funds and decide on the Rector's proposal for the establishment, merger, division or cancellation of part of the college. Moreover, they can approve internal regulations of the institution and its parts, or permit conditions for admission to degree programs that are not offered at their colleges. All these and other powers and obligations and further defines „Act No. 111/1998 Coll.“: Http://portal­.gov.cz/wps/por­tal/_s.155/701?kam­=zakon&c=111/19­98 on Higher Education. The Senate must follow the internal regulations of the school, as well as its statute and rules of parliamentary procedure AS. Analogous powers, at a lower level to the senate.

** Appeal ** Structure AS public high schools must by law at least eleven members, at least nine faculty (the exact number of internal regulation or school faculty). Chamber members are both students of various faculties, which may be at least a third and more than half of all members (which is a system which is intended to prevent the students prevailed in the Senate) and to educators. The President is the head of the AS, which represents vice-chairman, as secretary and possibly other members of the Senate. Academic Senate then usually make up the working committee, which in most cases the Legislative Commission, the Commission on organizational and economic affairs (including financial) or committee for study and social issues. Members of the Senate are elected at most schools for three years, which is also the highest limit allowed by law. Elected by the academic community are called, which in fact constitutes no different than all academic staff (teachers) and students. Meanwhile, teachers elect their representatives from among teachers and students turn their representatives from among the students. Individual sessions AS are legally available to the public, which is what many students and teachers, unfortunately, still unaware of. The planned meeting, the results of their program in addition individual faculties and schools on their web site, as well as other documents related to AS activity, and so are always available for inspection.

** Who can become a senator? ** Election Rules and Regulations as will the law provide for individual faculties themselves. Mostly, however, that the candidate for the Senate to become whoever designed by anyone in academia (in this case, the proposed candidate must give his written consent of candidacy), or the one who decides to stand on his own proposal. In both cases, but the senatorial candidate for the post should definitely think twice before, first, what are his organizational skills, time constraints, as well known to their faculty or school, and what objectives would want during your membership in the Senate to achieve. The electoral commission then draws on all the proposed candidates who meet the conditions, each candidature and publish it. From that time until the start of the election may make nominations to campaign.

Now therefore know that if you have or you just feel that something is wrong or that you have a good idea that should be implemented, surely you should contact your academic senate. Because if the same thing does not bother its members or where they themselves do not have the same good idea, then she would probably never nedovoláte …

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