COMPARISON OF COURSES: Musical drama Added:6.7. 2009
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Musical drama is rapidly growing and increasingly attractive field. Nevertheless, the possibility to study it in high school are not large. For this reason, we make an exception this time and are also courses you can study and the specialized high schools and conservatories.

** Academy of Music and Performing Arts: Theatre of Arts (Dramatic Arts) – Musical drama **

** ** Course characteristics Of Music is the only school which currently offers the field of musical drama in higher education. Masters course is the standard period of four years and it can be passed only on the spot. After two years of student government carries out an examination of the history of Czech and international theater. The study concludes with a graduation project, thesis and public examination of the history and musical theory.

** Items ** With the field intensity is very varied schedule of study. In the menu you will find articles on dance (ballet, modern dance, dance with a partner), singing (vocal ensemble), Acting (Art recitation, dubbing) and theory (dramatic and artistic creation, history of world theater, Czech Theatre History). You can also choose one of personal specialization, which include fencing, tap, acrobatics, gymnastics conditioning, jazz, juggling, or Afro-jazz.

** The requirements for admission test ** The entrance examination has several parts. First, applicants must demonstrate the physical layout of the stage and dance movement. Entrance exam tests the feeling and hearing music, voice instruction and ability to improvise (singing a few songs on demand studio). Scans the spoken word without speech disorders (condition is Czech language may be required monologues, dialogues and recite poems, all by heart), and basic knowledge of Czech and international musical theater, including orientation in basic terms. The studio, which in the current year, the students receives the required information on its activities, the basic philosophy and successful graduates. Applicants must bring their own test of audio material with workout clothes and dance shoes. For more information about the admission process this year, see the „here“:…ikal0910.pdf.

Chances of acceptance: 18% (information 2007/2008)

** More information ** 'Curriculum of Music ":…lany0809.pdf

** Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory in Prague: Music and Dramatic Arts – Musical **

** ** Course characteristics For this study can be reported after completion of a nine-year basic education, which allows (especially for dancing) time to develop talent. Studies last six years, of which the first four years are completed secondary education and two years are any practice. The study is completed graduation exam.

** Items ** Apart from the subjects associated with singing, dancing (also possible to extend the step and acrobatics), and acting, studying at the conservatory of the same items as the classic high school (Czech language, mathematics, foreign languages, history, etc.).

** The requirements for admission test ** The test is part of a talent (practical), and knowledge. Aptitude test of the wheel. In the first round (singing exam) is rated the applicant's color and strength of voice, rhythm and expressive concept of a microphone singing ability and overall artistic impression. In the second round consisting of a dance test, the panel focused primarily on physical appearance, physical layout, rhythm, movement and expression and ability to coordinate movement. The third wheel in the form of an acting test measures the ability to concentrate and identify with the assignment, openness (the ability to respond to attacks), and the ability to conduct work with emotional memory. The second part of the exam is in writing and orally, and is focused on music theory and knowledge of the current musical production, intonation and listening analysis, memory skills and rhythm. For details, see „here“:…inkyKJJ2.pdf.

Chances of acceptance: 11% (for 2008/2009)

** More information ** "Musical Department:…

** High School P. Křížkovský artistic profile of the Brno **

** ** Course characteristics High School Musical actor has a four-year higher degree of specialization of the secondary school. The aim of education is to enhance the ability of dance, singing and acting to prepare the students for further studies at universities with a focus on acting.

** Items ** Acting education should develop in students the ability and imagination to enhance their personality through various acting techniques and exercises. In teaching singing to the student to learn the basic techniques (breathing, pitched voice), the repertoire of songs includes a wide range of genres from the work of the 20th and 21 century. Dance courses develop skills in movement, dance memory, spatial sense and personal expression through improvisation.

** The requirements for admission test ** The admission procedure consists of aptitude tests and written examinations. Candidates who have the average grade of 1.5, consist of only aptitude test. It consists of reading two poems of your choice (memory), reading a prepared etude and prose with emphasis on the physical component according to the Commission. Are also required knowledge of music theory in the Range 3 Music school year. For more information and samples from last year's tests found „here“:…maci-rizeni/.

** More information ** „The music-drama“:…aticky-obor/

** Janacek Conservatory in Ostrava and High School: Music, drama **

** ** Course characteristics Teaching includes not only physical (dance education), singing (neoperní singing) and acting objects (stage speech) also acrobatics and swordplay. The study ends with graduation and graduation performance.

** Items ** The main branch is acting education, where students learn to work with text, creating a psychology of the characters, working in the theater space and strengthen their sense of morality drama. In this field, followed by post-secondary stage experience. Emphasis is put on stage speech and artistic execution, it is also important work before the microphones and cameras. Singing involves teaching chanson, ensemble singing and rehearsals. Students can choose to play the piano or guitar. Dance training includes, but is developing basic techniques of the art of tap dance and pantomime. Furthermore, taught theater history and theory of theater and drama analysis.

** The requirements for admission test ** The candidate undergoes two aptitude test, which consists of verifying the assumptions of actors (two individual outputs and recite two poems, the site entered a monologue, or. Snippet of the song) and a second round of re-establish these assumptions and tests of the singing, movement skills and musicality. It also includes examination of music theory will be checked regularly and general orientation in cultural life. Receiving only candidates under 18 years of age.

** More information ** „The music-drama“:…

**!!! Special tip: ** ** Musical Workshop ** Musical Workshop is an organization founded to promote the musical and acting elevate this art form in the Czech Republic. As there are experienced trainers, who each year through various workshops seek to surrender their knowledge and skills to improve the next generation and genre. For graduates of these workshops is fundamentally improve the odds of admission to any of the disciplines being focused on the musical or acting auditions in new musical projects.

This year's fourth annual workshop will be held on the 17th – 22 August 2009. For more information, reports from previous years and a registration form, click ‚here‘:

** Attention ** exams at art schools is frequently in the fall, so be sure to make applications in good time!

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