The ICT continues admissions Added:8.7. 2009
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The ICT continues admissions

Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague continues to accept applicants into all its fields of study. Applications may be submitted to the 31st ** August 2009 **.

Candidates do not stack written examination. The main criterion for admission is secondary or secondary vocational education students in order to determine the average benefit from chemistry and mathematics for the first – 3 year and the first half of fourth year of high school. If any of these candidates did not complete grade chemistry or mathematics, there are signs accompanied the relatives of science.

The way the school can also provide good results from the National Comparative tests of Scio, from the General Study. The adoption regardless of the average grade of the required objects to be achieved percentile 70 and better.

List up branches and other information can be found „here“:…obakpro09_10.

Source: Institute of Chemical Technology Web

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