Unemployment in the CR is growing fastest among young people Added:13.7. 2009
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Unemployment in the CR is growing fastest among young people

Unemployment in the Czech Republic this year, the fastest growing groups studied among young people under 25. Since the beginning of the year to March, the number of jobless people in this age group by 39.6 percent year on year to the end of March and 80 percent. , According to statistics from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MLSA).

For the three months ending March this year the number of unemployed under 25 years increased from 16 800 to 59 200 people. The increase is likely to be sped up in the coming months a seasonal trend, because the statistics they get unemployed graduates. „Every year it recorded a seasonal increase in unemployment of persons associated with graduation in June,“ said Director of Labour Office ČTK-west of Prague, Miloslav Plaňanská.

According to Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Minister Petr Šimerka, the increase of unemployed young people deal with a few instruments. Job-seekers under 25 years may, for example to get a six-month professional practice, in which the contributing employers pay payroll office. Young job seekers can also help so-called individual action plan, which includes such retraining or placement.

With the increase in youth unemployment facing offices in all regions. "Yes, we were also in the group of candidates to 25 years to a similar increase. That is why we responded the project, an opportunity for you, 'which is aimed at young people under 20 years, "said Director of the Office for example in Liberec Catherine Sadílková. In the Liberec region, the total number of unemployed persons in the first five months this year rose by 42 percent, which ranks one of the largest increases in the Czech Republic.

Source: ČTK (full text article read „here“: http://www.ceskenoviny.cz/…5-let/387031)

Current status report on unemployment in the Czech Republic, published by the Ministry of Labour, read „here“: http://www.mpsv.cz/…09072009.pdf.

Author: Černá, Lucie

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