Shakespeare in the corridors of universities Added:10.7. 2009
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Shakespeare in the corridors of universities

From comedy to tragedy – that's the way college students sometimes have. But sometimes it's really just a game – a theater. Where are the students can grow their dramatic talents to learn from the following list of theatrical associations of universities.

Palacky University in Olomouc

In Olomouc Palacky University operates alternatively and dance-oriented theater Konvikt **. ** It was established relatively recently, in 2006, students of the Department of Theatre, Film and Media Studies. The main place of work is the artistic center in Olomouc. „The viewer encounters with the theater, which will be very difficult in the region, look elsewhere. We present contemporary dance and physical theater, we also produce theater in tatters, which creates a distinctive poetry and works of outstanding young directors, "invites visitors to any John Zurek, editor and production of the Olomouc theater. However to say that Konvikt refreshed only university cultural scene – on the contrary seems to be an integral part of urban cultural life. Theatre Konvikt says touring bands from Olomouc and other cities and worth implementing various theater projects. These are such festivals Week improvisation, theater or large inventory Flora. "We do not yet pay for the minimum, which varies according to each current project,“ says Zurek. Orientation Week improvisation is already clear from the title, but not limited to dramatic skill, stags are also musicians and artists. Large inventory represents a group of new alternative scenic character and so is the festival of Flora Theatre – but has a much larger dimensions. „Members of our association comes primarily from students of the Department of Theatre, Film and Media Studies at Palacky University in Olomouc. These are students who are interested to get acquainted with theatrical production and dramaturgy. They learn so many organizational activities, which they often help in finding a future job, tell them also what is their talents and abilities, and which areas they are not close to the contrary. Association members are involved in dozens of small and large operations – from cleaning rooms, Roznos posters, production technical support to obtain grants and grants from many institutions, "says Zurek. Konvikt Theatre presents on his blog site at and also to "own website“:

Charles University in Prague and the Prague School

It met in Prague with three students Theatre Science, Charles University and gave rise to the heart of the Theatre will take **. ** Other members of the ensemble come from other universities in Prague. „Nothing like an ideal member of our theater does not exist, if someone is interested to cooperate with us, let us hear (the mail, we will meet and see if we understand each other,“ says one of the founders of Vojtech Polacek. The theater will take is also endowed with its own space in the café will take. „It's entails specific conditions and atmosphere for both the theater and for the cultural program, which are present in addition to our theater to a large extent and variety of guests. Examples are other theaters, concerts, exhibitions, literary readings, film screenings and more, "said Polacek. The credo of the state will take the original game and the original dramatization and resists the "tabloid conversational comedy,“ they claim on their „website“: „We would like to lure the viewer in bold writing plays, that is absolutely fresh to the drama that had nowhere else to see, even the experiments themselves in terms of performances,“ reveals ambition will take Polacek Theatre. Indeed, as the file plays you can look at examples on the server Alternative TV. You can watch the highlights from the game „Gosha“:…ha/4525/6376, which draws from the environment cafes. The second record comes from the game „pomlázka“: Easter…a/play/5927/ processing time to the youth village.

[Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2997/mas­ky.jpg * *]

University of South Czech Budejovice

** SUD ** or ** Student ** University Theater – a stage of students University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice. Their games and their games support the leadership of members of the South Bohemian Theatre. The exceptions are not affiliated theater performances. SUD outside the theater focuses on organizing lectures and discussions with various personalities of the cultural and political life (for example, there appeared Tomas Halik, Jan Sokol, Arnost Lustig and Jiri Menzel). Once a month the local culture fans are missing a literary evening for the presentation of students' creative skills not only in poetry and prose, but also pictures and music. The theater also offers its premises for opening students' works of art, completely free. In addition, here are held thematic seminars film linking the theoretical lectures and film screenings. Under the baton of the Court also held Quašení Theatre Festival, attended mainly student theater. Last year in the fall on the stage of the theater, six files, one of whom came from Slovakia. The „website of the Court“:… in the gallery you can find not only pictures from this event.

Masaryk University in Brno

In Brno, Masaryk University Works ** Průšová aberrant Arts Theatre **, ** short ** P.Ú.D. Its members are students of the Faculty of Social Studies, in whose premises he plays regularly. In addition, however, can meet in the remote lands of the Czech Republic. The file currently has four games in the repertoire of borrowed inspiration from his own pen. And the theme is really varied. Let the example of an unconventional, but the original idea to prepare a new disciplinary code in the way faculty cabaret performances Disciplinary spree. „Means of expressions we are now much richer than just theater – singing, baletíme, dance and loutkohrajeme, all in seven scénkách full of blood, violence, sexual harassment, humor and drama. Of course, with a deep moral lesson, "write about this game on their“ website ":…kabaret.html. The game was shown only three times, but always a little different style. In addition to the webpage of the theater P.Ú.D. and current events can learn from their Facebook profile.

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Silesian University in Opava

In Opava he shone the light on the theatrical events of the Association of Students and Friends of the Silesian University and has published a short summary of the characteristics of all past and present actors operating on files Opava University. A brochure in electronic form can be downloaded „here“: The survey shows that the theater nekrátce flowers, usually performed by a few enthusiasts who are worth implementing more than one club – once one disappeared, another was based on him more or less followed. Currently in Opava operates like a set square Osvoboditelů Nr ** 14 ** ** or theater OKUF **.

Needless to say, that a lot of practical theater students enjoy the theater schools. But it is already part of the study rather than voluntary enthusiasm (but lack of enthusiasm is sure to suffer as well). Prague Theatre Academy of Performing Arts students realize their leaves in the „Theatre Disk“: and Theatre Faculty of Janáček Academy of Performing Arts has his „Studio Martha“: / studio-mart /.

Source: Web sites of associations, organizations and theaters

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