Application of the Academy of Fine Arts? It takes luck, talent and uniqueness, says the young artist Added:15.7. 2009
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Application of the Academy of Fine Arts? It takes luck, talent and uniqueness, says the young artist

Not surprisingly, the study of arts in comparison with other a bit different. This is mainly due to their looser conception, but also the degree of certainty with which the graduate can apply in the labor market. One of those who embarked on an artistic career, is also a student of Fine Arts James Janovsky, so we wonder what all his studies this school gives.

** James Genoa (25) ** Born in Jihlava, where he finished secondary school graphic arts. Since 2004 studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, specifically in the drawing studio of prof. Jitka Svobodová. The work of James Janovsky you could see for example recently in the Prague House of the Golden Ring, where he exhibited as part of the start-up whose aim is to promote young artists and beginning to map out their work.

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  • ** It is said that the arts are not a guarantee of a later application. What is the opinion of someone who is studying such a field? **

Hard to say, it depends on many factors. Certainly plays a big role in happiness. If you hit the right people, who had exhibited such offer, take care of his theoretical work disability, or just buy something. The guarantee would yet be ideally talent and uniqueness of the author.

  • ** How ever being taught exclusively to art school? **

In each studio is different, depending on the leadership of professor or assistant. I can only talk about drawing studio Jitka Svobodová. There is, in my opinion the most important idea that every person who is, has an entirely different way of thinking, and thus expression. It is good to try him on his way to help during the study. Teaching takes the form of consulting work at a set time with each student individually. It is necessary to perform a certain number of tests and credits in parallel with the teaching studio.

  • ** How to remember the entrance exams? I seemed challenging? **

Not particularly. Rather, I remember a period in front of them when I was in a small studio in Jihlava visited my current assistant George Petrbok. It was purely by accident about six months before testing talent. My work is very liked him then and gave me useful advice on how to prepare for entrance exams. Maybe try to draw from a live model, to investigate more the reality around them and bring it as closely as possible on paper. Itself „talentovky“ I might not seem difficult, or rather I had a big problem all week to focus on a number of different tasks.

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  • ** If you could choose again, you came to the same school? **

Hard to say. It would be good to have a time lag, I replied. I've always part of it.

  • ** What can the study of Fine Arts oceňuješ? **

Freedom that the school provides course.

  • ** Are there any restrictions on how and what you are creating? **

Yes. It's has its own limitations, through which I can not easily reach. This is related to behavioral characteristics, habits and so on. Next might be able to talk about financial constraints, but others do not attack me anymore.

  • ** You're known for its unusual black and white „fresco“, which oživuješ old buildings and walls. We can say that it is a style that characterizes you. Do you think it was just that, thanks to what you got at the Academy, or did this „your“ style just to find there? **

I would not say definitely famous. That is premature. I always liked to draw on the walls, there are no boundaries there a standard format, the drawing is suddenly everywhere. Expands. Sometimes the whole space. Moreover, in vybydlených buildings also plays a role in life drawing, which is limited and for me it is far more „vodvaz“ than to be on paper, canvas. I think that in this case my studio consultations certainly helped more to think about what I was doing and why. Otherwise, I work but also be spinning videos or creating wall paintings. I do not want in order to characterize my position just a job, but make it all work somehow complex.

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  • ** Where have you exhibited so far? And your show always provides only AVU? **

I exhibited mainly in the Czech-Moravian Highlands, at a place of his birthplace. Then a couple of times at different places in the country and probably always had a relationship with the Academy of Fine Arts, albeit perhaps indirectly.

** * What was the response so far to your work? ** Very inconsistent. For the general public wakes embarrassment for his theme and method of interpretation. Sometimes they are reproached me too much negative content, perversion, sarcasm … On the other side are those who feel their sincerity and vice versa kind of morality of human society.

  • ** What are your future plans? **

Pass the state exam, oddiplomovat and try to do what I like in the future.

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Photo: archive James Janovsky

Author: Černá, Lucie

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