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300 years of ČVUT: Interview with the Rector Added:15.3. 2006
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300 years of ČVUT: Interview with the Rector

Václav Havlíček o svých plánech

Czech Technical University celebrates three centuries of its existence, and the head has a new rector. We wondered, what are his plans for what he wants to continue and what does change.

Czech Technical University celebrates three centuries of its existence, and the head has a new rector. We wondered, what are his plans for what he wants to continue and what does change.

/ / What is your goal? / / I would like to Czech Technical University the best university. We compete with Charles University, which is much larger and more than twice as old, so I wanted to make us successful.

CTU is the best technical university and I want to keep it that way. I will also strive to ensure that it was an important research university. We want to maintain the excellence of our engineering and in particular doctoral fields of study.

/ / How the change is apparent in the rector lives of students? / / The specific impact will be the one that I always have one week to one half-day open doors – not only for students but also for the staff of our college.

/ / What you want to build on the previous Rector? / / It's incredibly inventive man, a lot of good ideas and would like to continue doing what he started with and did not affect what is to be implemented.

/ / What the CTU is missing? What is it lacking? / / We lack, like other universities, a lecturer who had about 40, 50 years old. There's a generational free space.

Alternatively, the weakness of the CTU is that we stone school, sometimes a little cumbersome. There are the regional schools that have a more dynamic development. Although CTU gets the most money (due to the number of students), but is less dynamic than smaller schools. We place great emphasis on obtaining grants, both corporate as well as European, which are obviously larger. Cooperation with industry is important for our school, we not only basic, but very applied research. Changing us to better days, given how the industry develops. The European money will reach most of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and construction. CTU also lack students, we would like to have studied with us more girls.

/ / What do you do? / / We have to offer such courses, which will be interesting for them. Our youngest faculty – Faculty of Biomedical Engineering – in my opinion, the number of girls attract. Also, we want to create regional centers, and we believe that in the regions also able to find girls. For existing fields we want to increase publicity and to show that even in traditional sectors is enough space for the girls. I personally regret that the smallest proportion of students is the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, where he also teaches computer science. We establish there a new study software engineering and management, which the girls could be closer than, say, electrical machines and drives.

/ / The university would like students at. What is your attitude to the fact that some faculty take all applicants for study and „class“ is only during the studies? / / If it were technically possible, I would take all applicants for all faculty: take to study at a university based on the results of secondary school is quite problematic. Until the state introduced a certified diploma, the disparities between the very large schools. In addition, the entrance examination is a single act – two, three, four hours written exam. A young person may not have their day, which just happens more often girls, and on the basis that it reaches. What a pity

The solution is to take and sift through all of them according to the results in the first – hard – semester. With this is connected but considerable technical and organizational problems (not even with teaching, that we may have mastered, but as with housing). But it is much fairer and more serious. This system obviously can not be applied at the Faculty of Architecture, where such an excess of demand over supply, that there are no entrance exams can not do ever. For the other faculties like the system that gives everyone a chance, very welcome.

I do not think that this would reduce the level of school. The fact that you keep your level, evidenced by the fact that the school will complete about 70% of accepted students, entrance exams do.

/ / Ministry of Education would like to increase these percentages. / / Although it would like, but in the early years of our school was no exception, that of the twelve received completed four. Some things will not change even three centuries.

/ / Prof. Ing. Vaclav Havlicek, PhD. Born in 1943 in the Czech Budejovice, is married and has three children. / /

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