The Special Branch: Logic Added:14.7. 2009
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The Special Branch: Logic

„The extreme sport of your intellect“ – the logic is characterized by field of study sites of the Department of Logic, Charles University. Who wants to continue in the footsteps of Aristotle, Leibniz and Bolzano, has the option of the local Faculty of Arts.

** What is the logic? ** Logic is the science that examines the most general rules and laws of human reasoning, or language. Modern logic is largely based on mathematical methods, are currently the subject of interest and problems of philosophical nature, particularly issues concerning the nature of our knowledge, truth and semantic aspect of language. Regular instruction is for students of mathematical logic and philosophical disciplines, but there is also a separate branch.

** ** The content of studies Lectures include mainly mathematical substance (analysis, algebra, graph theory and logic ,…) both symbolic and mathematical and philosophical. Forgetting is not theoretical computer science. The study should lead to improved ability to exact reasoning and expression, the ability to recognize errors and argumentative tricks (and thus greater resistance to manipulation) and the ability to navigate in complex systems and texts.

** Graduates ** The logic is especially useful for students contemplating an academic career. But as aptly mentioned her website, the title of the study of logic hardly guarantee a job in a management position. Yet shake analytical skills can reap the countless other fields, not only on the border matamatiky and philosophy. The interest of students is undoubtedly the logic in computer science, particularly in computational linguistics, or even economics. As an advantage the department website mentioned that the choice of the field "to theoretically oriented student postpone difficult decisions specific focus, a decision that at his high school ideas need not be successfully resolved, the time when he will already be sufficiently qualified to assess what attracted him and in what is able to work creatively without the time this decision needed to spend memorizing various reactive ‚introductions‘, ‚didactic‘ and ‚history‘. " After finishing a bachelor's degree a student is eligible to continue in another field, equipped with excellent analytical skills.

** Entrance Exam ** It is oral and is composed entirely of high school mathematics in an attempt to test the ability to abstract a high school student. The exact definition of the curriculum can be found at the department.

** More info: ** Web „Department of Charles University of logic“:

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