The second round of admissions at two faculties TBU Added:18.7. 2009
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The second round of admissions at two faculties TBU

Science and Technology Faculty of Applied Informatics Tomas Bata University in Zlín offers another opportunity to enroll in some of its undergraduate courses.


** Programs ** Chemistry and Materials Technology, Chemistry and Food Technology, Process Engineering

** Deadline for applications: 2nd ** August 2009 (application with the same name in subsequent master's programs may be submitted by 14 August 2009)


** Program: Computer Science ** ** Fields ** Information and Control Technologies, Security Technologies, Systems and Management

** Deadline for applications: 24th ** August 2009 (application to the Master's degree Engineering Science may be submitted by 31 August 2009)

** Report to be to other faculty ** In addition, you can still submit applications to degree programs and courses for new ** Faculty of logistics and crisis management **, which was established in the town of. In the local Bachelor's degree program ** ** Economics and Management (logistics and management), and the program ** ** Process Engineering (Study Risk Control) can be reported to the 3rd ** August 2009 **. Entrance exam for the program in Economics and Management is composed only of mathematics and is held on the 31st ** August 2009 **. Process Engineering in the program, candidates are recruited solely on the basis of results achieved at secondary school. The deadline for filing the master's degree program ** Chemistry and Materials Technology ** (Technology Risk Management Study) is set at the 14th ** ** August 2009, entrance examination to be made (waiting list is compiled on the basis of the benefit of undergraduate stu­dy.

Until the 31st ** August 2009 ** ** accepts the application, the ** Faculty of Humanities, and the bachelor's degree program ** ** Specialization in Pedagogy (teaching of vocational subjects for secondary schools) in the combined form. Field is designed for those interested in teacher education, which would have entitled the subjects taught in high school.

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