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Travel until we are young! Added:17.7. 2009
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Travel until we are young!

The following article is intended for all those interested in travel, who prefer organized expeditions, but still looking boring „classics“ and not at all overpriced offerings. We introduce you to several travel agencies and offices, which attract mainly young customers in an unconventional route plans and student discounts.

** ** MUNDO

** Where ** Mundo offers tours mostly in Europe, you can expect such delights as Albania, the Crimea and Brittany on the bike. The money will be reasonable but you can also look to Turkey, Israel and Morocco.

** ** How much Price tours with tours, which usually lasts 14 days, varying between five and ten thousand crowns (depending on destination). Cyklozájezdy for two weeks costs around 6,000 CZK. Israel, including flights and accommodation to fit up to 30,000 CZK.

** What to Expect ** Mundo is aimed primarily at young travelers who like to save some money is lost and appreciate the journey of a group of like-minded people. Guides are also active young people who will not spoil any fun. Prices of most tours include transport, accommodation, breakfast and service guide. Tours are not many and they are quickly filled, so you better hurry up with the decision.

** ** Customer Experience Magda (25): „Mundo The tours are always doing compulsory introductory ‚mat-party‘ where everyone is aware of, such party will then usually become a tradition. After the tour we had with Munde Prague meeting in a pub – one informal and one of the official, organized by leading tour and travel agent in one person. The Mundo is just so cool that it drives mainly young people or young people in spirit, and thus are mostly close to each other and formed between them to travel closer ties. “

** Website: ** „“:

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3003/ho­ry.jpg]


** Where ** Adventure Travel agency offers basically everything from Europe and Atlantic islands across Africa, Asia and the Americas to Australia, Oceania and the Arctic. In addition to sightseeing tours organized by the Adventure travel with different levels of tourism, focusing on cycling, inline skating, skiing, canoeing and rafting. Indulge you under her wings and you can even ride on horseback or camels.

** ** How much Cruises to Europe, either walking or cycling, to come to CZK 10,000 per week and CZK 15,000 for two weeks. Prices obviously vary by country and services. For overseas trips to be reckoned with not always discounted tickets, which are paid separately. Moreover, these expeditions are longer (up to one month), which is also reflected in their price (eg India for 18 days around 60,000 CZK, Mexico for 18 days around 65.000 CZK).

** What to Expect ** Adventure on target to particular ecological travel – its philosophy is reflected in the transportation, use of returnable containers, or deference to local culture. Students are entitled to a 4% discount off the tour. Holidays are graded according to intensity. Their price usually includes transportation, accommodation and informational materials, food is mostly individual.

** ** Customer Experience Martin (33): „I've been cycling adventure in Carpathian Ukraine. It met a great bunch. Despite the various pitfalls and difficulties such as bad weather, worn out brake blocks and a large number of ubiquitous vodka, it was clearly an excellent and memorable holiday. Guides were great and breakfast was a luxury. I can only recommend. “

** Website: ** „“:

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3003/ho­ry II.jpg]

** ** KUDRNA

** Where ** You can expect mainly walking tours of European mountains, but Kudrna also offers biking, sightseeing, in-line and canoeing events. You can enjoy the exotic, such as Morocco, Yemen and Australia.

** ** How much Shorter-term cyklozájezdy in Europe costs about CZK 5,000. The two-week hiking pay up to 15,000 CZK (including half board). Transoceanic trips may climb to 70,000 CZK with ticket.

** What to Expect ** Kudrna Travel Agency is a specialist in tourism Romania, especially the area of ​​Czech villages in Banat. Holidays are graded according to intensity. The price of the trip usually includes transportation, accommodation, insurance and guide, is not usually included in diet. The customer card CK Kudrna can get discounts at many sports shops and other places.

** Website: ** „“:


** Where ** CK Knowledge attracts clients to hiking, biking, rafting, inline skating and skiing. You can also choose from sightseeing trips and visits with trips. You can go outside Europe: in Egypt, Jordan, Iceland, or to India, Lebanon and Mexico.

** ** How much Weekly stays in the mountains or biking to move around more than CZK 10,000, ten sightseeing tours in Europe are a little more expensive. Ten airlines vacations with trips cost about CZK 20,000. For the month of exoticism of the ocean will pay 50.000 to 70.000 CZK.

** What to Expect ** For last minute trips, you can expect discounts of up to CZK 2,000 against the original price. Prices usually include accommodation, transport, guide services, insurance, food can often provide the participants themselves. University students may apply a discount on each trip in the amount of CZK 1,000.

** ** Customer Experience Magda (25): „On our trip to Turkey, I had a major problem with the guide – he seemed to enjoy going there myself and leading tour doin ‚just sideways‘, walked late, stay in Istanbul has been shortened from two days to one without giving a valid reason … However, all the leading travel agency tours may not be such knowledge. Contents of the trip was very diverse. Overall, this type of tour awfully nice to be relatively little money that you visit a lot. “

** Website: ** „“:

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3003/ho­ry III.jpg]

** ** ALPINA

** Where ** The Alpino can go on hiking tours, bicycle tours, mountain climbing and challenging action adventure expeditions (India, Borneo, the Sahara, the Caucasus). The primary goal of all trips are mountain peaks.

** ** How much For the week in the mountains, you will do less than CZK 10,000, ten days on the bike will cost about CZK 15,000. Weekend events to fit up to 5,000 CZK. For more distant expeditions lasting around 20 days to pay about 40.000 to 60.000 CZK.

** What to Expect ** Itself represents a travel agency as a „travel agency for young people, not just age, but especially the heart.“ The price usually includes accommodation, guide services and transportation, often a half. Tours are graded according to intensity. All under 26 years receive a discount of 5% off tour.

** ** Customer Experience Michael (23): „Holidays in 2007 was preceded by long reflection, where a summer pleasure. My wishes were mountains, the sea was a friend request. The resulting compromise was the Corsica mountains in the sea, with CK Alpina. Except for a couple of things to trip a success. Corsica and CK Alpina I would recommend! “

** Website: ** „“:

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