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Workcamp - volunteer work and fun Added:11.5. 2010
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Workcamp - volunteer work and fun

Do you have two weeks off the summer and do not know what to do with them? Would you like to look abroad, but not you tempted to leave proležené vision on the beach full of screaming tourists? Want to meet people from around the world while doing something beneficial? If so, consider participating in work camps.

What is a workcamp ?

Although the literal translation of words in the title sounds unflattering, it's not about any work for bůhvíjakých harrowing conditions. The workcamp is two to three weeks' stay abroad, but also in the Czech Republic, designed to help any charitable project and get to know new people and enjoy your free time with them. Approximately 5–6 hours a day of work takes place in the field of ecology, art, preservation of monuments, archeology, building renovation, working with disabled people, children and organizing cultural events. Suffice to say that it is volunteer work – that is unpaid. 1–2 days a week are free. These days and in free time after work as volunteers prepared for a variety of recreational and sightseeing activities, which give the possibility to converge with other group members. It consists of five to twenty people depending on the project. In one group are always the most 2 people from the same country, so multiculturalism is taken care of.

Different countries, different conditions

Where we go is entirely up to you. There are both European countries and from other continents and also can choose between advanced countries and adventurous. It depends on your taste, whether you choose Cyprus, Canada, New Zealand, Finland or Switzerland, or we go to Albania, Serbia, Mexico, Ghana, or in Nepal. As for housing, certainly do not expect five-star hotels. Sometimes you need a sleeping bag and mat. A place where you sleep, ensuring local organizations signed their options – so you can be accommodated in the school, the hostel, a campsite in the tent cabins. Accommodation and meals paid by the organization organizing workcamp. You'll probably cook together for ourselves, but sometimes it happens that the organization works with local restaurants or dining room. Not one thing, but certainly can not do – and that is fluent in English. English is provided for most projects as the main means of communication, knowledge of local language is an advantage, sometimes even a required – such as the Spanish and French. The age limit for participation is usually set at 18 years, but there are also projects for over 16 years.

How do ?

First, select one of the organizations that mediate volunteer vacations. In the current from a list (which is usually in English) finds a project that will attract the most and submit an application. To go in the summer, it is good to start with the provision earlier in the year, but even during the holidays can get a free site with an interesting program. In addition, the organization must pay the participation fee – ranging from CZK 1,500 to CZK 2,500. Some projects require you to have delivered special documents – such as medical certificates, criminal record or cover letter. You'll have to also arrange and pay insurance and if it is needed and visa. Before leaving, the organization will provide the necessary training – especially if you go to the workcamp for the first time in my life and when you are going to specific countries or remote.

Intermediary organizations ===== =====

For more information about what and how to arrange and how it looks workcamp visit intermediary organizations. Some useful web links along with sample video of the workcamp, see the „European Youth Portal“:…x_eu_cs.html. Among the Czech voluntary agencies are „INEX-SDA“:'; Association Rainbow „:…to-workcamp/ and "servitus“: Reach out to you as well as international agencies such as the „Service Civil International“:, „Volunteers for Peace: or“ Global Volunteer Network ": http : / /

Source: National Resource Center for Youth:…/4/22/83/947 „INEX-SDA“:'; Association Rainbow „:…to-workcamp/ and“ servitus ":

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