The new branch in Liberec focused on clothing Added:26.7. 2009
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The new branch in Liberec focused on clothing

The new field of study ** „Management of a clothes shop“ ** offering from next academic year, Textile Faculty, Technical University of Liberec. Candidates may apply in the second round of recruitment, which was also listed for further study programs, faculty (excluding bachelor's degree in textile and clothing design).

Entries can be submitted by 11 August 2009.

Another change is the new focus of study „fashion design product.“ However, this applies to masters degree in textile and clothing technology.

Faculty innovation degree programs responding to the demands of the labor market. As rector, said Zdenek piece: „The market needs economically educated professionals who will understand the material, fashion trends and also speaks around the world.“ The same view is also Dean of the Faculty Ales Line: „The quality of graduates in these disciplines related to textile materials, fabrics and nanofibers on the labor market is still in great demand.“

Source: „Technical University site“:

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