COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Archaeology Added:25.7. 2009
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If Indiana Jones had lived in the Czech Republic would definitely have a lack of opportunity to deal with old artifacts, can not complain. For our Věstonice Venus has almost thirty thousand years. Jones and his ilk treasure hunters have the opportunity to study archeology at five Czech faculties. Note: Article updated third 12th 2009 (-pel-)

** Where: Institute of Prehistory and Early History of Charles University, Prague ** ** Website: ** „http://uprav­“: ** Implementation study: ** Bachelor's, single-subject, full-time form. Master's and doctoral program. ** Admission: Bachelor ** For admission has two phases: in the first round, writes an essay (choice of the five themes of classical, ancient and early medieval archeology), corresponding to the twenty questions of the fundamental problems of archeology. In examining the oral language skills and knowledge of archaeological topics, presented a list of literature, an overview of existing studies and training activities, or a certificate of participation in archaeological research. Recommended reading and test samples are freely accessible on the website.

** Where: Department of Archaeology and Museology, Masaryk University, Brno ** ** Website: ** „ / archaeo“:…dex_iam.html ** Implementation study: ** Bachelor's, single-subject and two-subject study, full-time and part-time. Master's and doctoral program. ** Admission: ** Tests study skills and industry-test. Prerequisite for admission to the Bachelor's program is a focus issue of Archaeology in Central Europe. Are positively evaluated the language skills and practice in archaeological research.

** Where: Institute of History and Museology at Opava ** ** Website: ** „ / Institute / Institute of Archaeology,“:…-archeologie ** Implementation study: ** Bachelor's, and single-subject-time, full-time. Master's and doctoral program. ** Admission: ** National Comparative Exams – OSP: Test of general study skills.

** Where: Department of Archaeology Faculty of Arts University of West Bohemia in Pilsen ** ** Website: ** „“: ** Implementation study: ** Bachelor's, single-subject, full-time. Master's and doctoral program. ** Admission: ** The entrance examination is a form of a written test which includes questions of archeology (especially Bohemia), geography and history.

** Where: Historical Institute JCU Czech Budejovice ** ** Website: ** „­ture/departmen­ts/uhs/“:…rtments/uhs/ ** Implementation study: ** Bachelor's, single-subject or in combination with the history or Romance language, full-time. Master's program. ** Admission: ** National Comparative Exams – OSP: Test of general study skills. ** An entrance exam waiver: ** The condition is overall average grade for the 1st – 3 year (included with the report at the end of the year) high school (in the case of eight-year high school for 5 to 7 year, when six high school for 3 to 5 year) more than 1.50 and at the same average mark from the subject of history in the 1st – 3 year of high school (in the case of eight-year grammar school in the fifth to seventh year, when six high school in 3 to 5 year) 1.00. Or the location of the first – 2 place in the regional round SOČ in history.

Sources: websites of individual faculties.

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