Travel agencies are calling for change in summer vacations Added:24.7. 2009
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Travel agencies are calling for change in summer vacations

Association of Travel Agents comes with an initiative that should get used to change the form of two-month summer práznin. The reason, according to Minister for Regional Development Rostislav Vondruška negative effects of seasonality on school holidays tourism.

The two-month length of vacations, according to the petitioners should be maintained, but schools should determine which days off the calendar, this will occupy. The ideal would be distributed free for the period from June to September.

„Experiences from Germany, but also from South Africa shows that distribution of major holidays contributed very significantly to the stabilization of tourism services,“ says chairman ACK Viliam Sivek.

Measures should, according to spokesman of the Association Pope John CK CR improved as regional employment and the whole tourism industry in the Czech Republic.

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