The Special Branch: Restoration Added:28.7. 2009
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The Special Branch: Restoration

When you walk around the ancient buildings and statues, watching with amazement century frescoes and paintings in a museum or marvel at the rare manuscripts, you might think of how much work must be keeping a salvaging of such gems. That's right – the restoration of the mission is really intended just the chosen few. Note: Article was updated on 25 11th 2009th

** ** The content of study The students mainly learn to restore and preserve cultural monuments, museums and collectors items and rare albums funds. Educated in art history, chemical technology and natural sciences as well as improve their craft skills. Also important is knowing the law and foreign languages ​​and understanding of ethics and aesthetics of restoration and conservation. After four years of university studies candidate gets BcA. (Bachelor of Arts), after a further two years studying MA degree (Master of Arts). The higher vocational education in schools takes time, a standard three years.

** Items ** Courses may differ depending on the focus. You can choose from the restoration and conservation of stone and related materials, murals and graffiti, paper, book bindings and documents, sculptures and architectural surfaces.

** Where can you study ** The four courses at the Faculty of University of Pardubice restoration has, however, the faculty would find in Litomysl. AMU in Prague offers a degree course in art restoration of paintings, FAMU this year opened a new field of photo restoration. Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague in Conservation and Restoration Program objects of cultural heritage, handicraft works, offers four specialized fields. Faculty of Science, Masaryk University allows students to study Chemistry conservation – restoration. (Restoration is not just a prerogative of universities: College of the sand may be a fee study and restoration Conservation and Restoration nepolychromované wood carvings and metal. Tynska Another possibility is a higher vocational school specializing in the care of monuments. At the secondary level offers conservation and restoration Secondary School of Graphic Design in Prague, wood carving and restoration College of Arts and School of Applied Arts in Prague.)

** Graduates ** „Fresh“ restorers can participate in projects aimed at rescuing and preserving monuments not only in the Czech Republic. They should be able to work independently and in senior positions restoration teams, domestic and international. It is essential that the graduate be able to perceive the particularities and uniqueness of the object of their work and chose the perfect restoration process.

** Admission ** The candidate may be required before the entrance exam homework (eg according to the chosen field of drawing, painting, writing or graphics), they will be evaluated by a jury. The actual entrance examination is made up of theoretical and practical (aptitude) test. Aptitude tests vary by industry, may be required to design, model reconstruction, portrait sculpture in clay, technical drawing or making a particular subject. Theoretical examination may include questions of art history and chemistry, the candidate would not be surprised or oral interview focused on motivation for learning and orientation in the field.

!!! Candidates have to carry their own test tools (pencil, charcoal, rubber, fixative, ruler, brushes, etc.). !!! Some schools hold entrance exams preparation courses prior to the open air (held in autumn), or. longer-term specialized courses.

** ** Student opinions Mary (29), SSUPŠ Sand: „I studied the field of Restoration and conservation of industrial art objects. I liked school much, as the theory and practice. Mainly it was a great experience, experience of older colleagues, colleagues and demonstration. I learned right in the shop, where I did various things, such as repair of upholstered chairs – from disassembly to finish, and I restored puppets – řezbařina, painting and finishing, etc. I love to remember that season, but I stayed in his original field – education. I use a lot of experience now, even when working with children. “

!!! Into curricula of this type is often very small number of accepted applicants (eg, in Pardubice, 4 students per program). !!! Applications should mostly be sent back to the mid-January, the entrance exams at the beginning of February.

** More information ** „Entrance test UPCE“:…fr-uchazeci/ „AMU“:… „FAMU“:…/index_html/ "Overview of the categories of ICT ':…hledbak.html

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