A new study at the Department of Photography at FAMU Added:28.7. 2009
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A new study at the Department of Photography at FAMU

The newly opened studio ** photo archiving and restoration ** Film and Television Academy of Performing Arts opens for the upcoming academic year a new two-year master's degree focused on the restoration, preservation and archiving photos. The main purpose of this field lies in the effort to teach students how to properly and effectively keep the „Visual valuable historical and cultural heritage and artistic creation in the field of photography.“ Among the courses offered can be found such as chemical and physical technology and equipment photos, history photos, historical photographic techniques, working with historical photographic materials and techniques, technical and physical basics of photography, restoration workshops, etc. (more about them „here“: http:// www.famu.cz / department-and-Department / Department-photo-kf / News 20KF/sylaby-pro-novy-obor-atelier-restaurovani-a-archivovani-fotografii% /). The basic requirement for admission is completed bachelor's degree.

Application forms and further information about the study can be obtained at website „FAMU“: http://www.famu.cz/…-fotografie/. The deadline for submitting applications is set at the 15th ** August 2009 **. Entrance examinations are held on the 16th ** ** September 2009 and consists of both a written test of basic knowledge of the history of photography, art photography and basic photographic chemicals, and the second interview.

Source: website „FAMU“: http://www.famu.cz/…-fotografie/ and 'Department of Photography ": http:// www.famu.cz / department-and-Department / Department-photo-kf / News% 20KF/sylaby-pro-novy-obor-atelier-restaurovani-a-archivovani-fotografii /

Author: Černá, Lucie

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