COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Dental and Dentistry Added:25.6. 2013
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COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Dental and Dentistry

Beautiful smile, it's either a gift from nature, or work, skilled dentists. Where to learn to look people in the tooth – it will learn from the following list. Note: Article was updated on 4 12th 2009 (-HUS-).

Charles University in Prague

Three faculty ** ** The Charles University Dental Medicine are now studying in three faculties, and to 1 Medical Faculty in Prague, Medical Faculty Pilsen Medical Faculty in Hradec Kralove. Studies in all three cases conceived as a five-year master's degree, is open only to full-time.

** Contents ** study In all faculties, students from the beginning, focusing on the issue of dentistry. There is also, of course, their practical training – first in terms of training and later directly in dental surgeries. Graduates can pursue independent activities in the field of dentistry, dental care and oral cavity. They also continue to educate, and doctoral degree programs, possibly specializing in orthodontics or obtaining the various professional certificates.

** Admission ** Requirements for entrance exams differ slightly according to faculty. However, the application form, candidates must attach to the two faculties of the medical certificate to the study – from a general practitioner and the orthopaedist.

The first medical school students will be recruited this year on a test basis in biology, chemistry, physics and the study of general assumptions. Faculty receives those who end up in the hardest test to 70 site by the number of points. The questions are based on model reference, which can be purchased at the faculty in the form of a script. In dentistry to Prague can be reached without entrance examinations if they uchazečův average marks from high school is higher than 1.2 and completed at least one year of physics, chemistry and biology with the grade 1 or 2 These steps may be taken by 23 students. More information about the study at 1 Faculty of Medicine, found „here“:…ij/index.php?… and „here“:

In Pilsen, the conditions for adopting almost identical. Candidates need not pass the test of general learning assumptions. No entrance exams can be taken only 20 applicants and the minimum number of general admission is set at 50 students. I Pilsen Faculty offers to purchase a textbook example of the admission tests. Details on the search for „University Information System“:…ij/index.php?… or „on the pages of the faculty“: http://www.lfp.cuni .cz / study.aspx? the candidate = a.

. <> * *** A beautiful smile, it's either a gift from nature, or the work of skilled dentists (photo : stock.xchng) *

Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove set single round admissions, whose job is to test in biology, chemistry, physics and somatology. Point advantage can reach students who attended secondary school or activities of the national round of the Olympics courses in mathematics, physics, biology or chemistry. Points are allocated both for their participation, as well as for winning and placing in 5th place. No entrance exams to get on the field of 18 applicants, the average marks from high school does not exceed 1.1 and undergoing at least one year of teaching three of the four profiled subjects – bilogoie, physics, chemistry and mathematics – in the last two years of secondary education. The total number of accepted students is 35. More information on „faculty web“:….

Source: websites of individual faculties, the information system is Charles University in Prague.

Medical Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno

The Brno University's five-year taught Master's degree course in Dentistry. This branch is from the academic year 2003/2004, six master's degree replacement dentistry.

** Contents ** study The course consists of theoretical lectures, but mainly industry-oriented practical exercises, seminars and clinical training. Students also receive a holiday experience in health care.

** Application ** After completion of Dentistry, you can use as a physician, researcher, and as a teacher at the college. Anyway, you MDDr title.

** Admission ** In last year's admission process was a planned number of students admitted in 1960, was finally registered a total of 78 out of 917 applicants who turned up for admission test. It consists of a written test specializing in three subjects – biology, physics and chemistry. On its website published by Science "topics in each subject, including sample questions:…ud_2010.html. Model issues can be purchased at the Medical Faculty.

Source: Website of the Faculty of Medicine MU ":

Palacky University in Olomouc

And in Manchester there is a five-year master's degree program Dentistry. The study is divided into three blocks of courses – theoretical, preclinical and clinical and not deprived of a holiday or a distributed medical practice in the teaching of 1 to 4 year.

** Application ** After graduation you will be able to take independent action of preventive, diagnostic, prosthetic, treatment of anomalies and diseases of the teeth and oral cavity.

** Admission ** To receive you must pass a written test in biology, chemistry and physics, each subject will get 50 questions. Last year 100 applicants were accepted from 888 submissions. This year is expected to back the adoption of 100 students. 30 students may enter without an admission test if the average of their marks from high school does not exceed 1.20 and biology, physics and chemistry did not get worse than the 2nd grade Topics for the entrance examination can be downloaded „here“:…ek_10-11.doc.

Source: „Web UPOL Medical School“:…amy-a-obory/.

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