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Martin K., Berlin: Even if the man wanted to roll, so it can not Added:5.8. 2009
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Martin K., Berlin: Even if the man wanted to roll, so it can not

Kohnova Martin (27) comes originally from Pribram. During his studies, and Germanic italistiky the Faculty of Arts went on Erasmus to Berlin. Originally year stay became a regular full-time studies at the Freie Universität in Berlin. What advice to those who are considering studying in Germany?

** Why did you decide to leave the Erasmus currently in Germany? ** I have had the opportunity to study in Italy, but I know how much better German than Italian, and I wanted to write a thesis abroad, so that Germany won.

** As your transfer took place from the Czech University in Germany? ** I needed only a statement of marks „Filda“ from Prague and submit the official application form. They do not have the standard admissions test, everything depends on the graduation certificate. Tuition fees are not here yet, in fact just such a post, about 250 Euros, but it can pass as a man more or less pay for transport and also contribute to the dining hall.

The problem was a bit of that in this country, I studied Master's degree, in which I had only practices, but no bachelor's exam, so I've had to start again undergraduate program. But I lost so many years, now I'm trying to make two years of study at a time. The problem is that here is a lot of credit courses completed, and here I acknowledge only those that ended the test and were assessed a mark. In Prague, I try to finish it yet, but it certainly is a priority for study here because it is more oriented to practice, a person you really try, as it seems to work and make contacts.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3025/mar­tina kohnovaphtre.jpg]

** What makes you think different Germanic studies in Germany and the Czech Republic? ** It differs quite a lot, the biggest difference is that while studying in Germany is necessary to attend an internship in the field. This internship is unpaid and students must provide it himself, sometimes it is very time consuming, but after graduation will never happen to you at the request of the lack of work experience. Greater emphasis is given to the reciting and discussing papers. The advantage is that you get rid of inhibitions to express their views. On the other hand, it may sometimes happen that the workshop papers are a student and professor to get close to the word. This also does not seem to be the best, because even a very good paper can not replace lecturing professor. Prague has also placed much greater emphasis on learning by heart – one has to be well swot test 400stránková script. In Germany, the student is tested mostly on what was discussed at the seminar, during the last week of the semester. Exam season is here used mainly for writing seminar papers – the ones that ended almost every seminar, and so they have to write and sometimes five.

** What about student life? ** My experience is that, compared with the Czech Republic varies a lot, but maybe it's telling you about the fact that while in Prague, I stayed with my brother, here I am in a communal apartment with several other students. Unlike Prague, it's doing an awful lot, maybe just offer sports at school is much broader – from surfing, horseback riding, kayaking to sailing. A man in Berlin was very encouraged to be active – should offer language courses is excellent. Here a man even if he wanted to roll, so it can …

** How do you like Berlin? ** Berlin I got very much, but I think it is a city in which to fall in love at second sight. It tells you a lot of people that Berlin's Alexan­derplatz and the Fernsehturm. But for me far more valuable than the monuments, this city when you come in peace, "and maybe just projedeš subway and see the different stations and hear the little stories of what was going on. In addition, there I still feel it's very relaxed and relaxing city, while still in Prague stream of people in a hurry. Still there's something going on, people are spontaneous and creative – one I need to go home, and suddenly the ground outside our house and hear the beautiful French accordion music – anybody out there dancing the tango, just as the street! It is strange that a lot of things you can do in Prague, where I could think of to do, and here it's totally natural that I began to be dancing salsa.

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