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Recession affected the number of summer jobs? Added:7.8. 2009
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Recession affected the number of summer jobs?

Holidays can be spent any way. For these students a free month of ways to earn some money. Who found part-time job before the holidays, neprohloupil.

On the internet you can still find the short or long term additional income. Most users will find the menus on (now 689 offers) and (now 668 offers) and in marketing (telemarekting, work in call center), cleaning, odd jobs in the hospitality, language tutoring (as well as mathematics and Physics) and also in IT (programming, web design). Long-term offers the best offers in Prague, Central and Southern Region.

For three-quarters of the nearly two thousand respondents Portal is heavier than last year to find a job. Users of this year while looking intensely offers: interest compared to last year rose by 57%. Travel brigades, however, decreased due to the economic recession of 35–40%.

=== What is attractive

The brigades are qualified office support work, participation in projects in marketing or IT, as well as stand-ins at the reception or telemarketing. The seasonal and unskilled brigades are related works in the collection of fruits and vegetables, adding and unpacking the goods or distributing leaflets.

. <> * *** For the three quarters of the nearly two thousand respondents Portal is harder to find than last brigade (photo: stock.xchng) *

The main attraction is the salary

Therefore, it also offers states the hourly rate. Brigades as „100“ and over the internet not heat too. "In exceptional cases we also recorded one hundred responses to one offer! In principle, the average hourly rate is maintained so as they were last year, "says Ondrej Myslivecek of portal The hourly rate for regular brigades from 75 to 80 CZK / hour (in the regions from 60 CZK / hr.). There are also deals with a rate of 100, 125 to 200 CZK / hr. Minimum hourly wage of CZK 48.10 gross per hour worked (in the case of young workers under 18 years, it is CZK 38.50 per hour).

Why it pays to take a summer job

The brigade is suitable not only for students but also for mothers on maternity leave, retired or unemployed. First, get experience and various skills (eg communication, training), lost contact with the working environment. Not infrequently it happens that the brigade could escalate into an employment relationship, at least you improve your resume. And finally, you have earned income.


Find a summer job can be tricky – is less competition and higher bids than last year, but on the other hand, offers the online job boards are added daily. In this type of work loads is greater flexibility of supply and demand than traditional jobs. All the more so, who is registered on the job boards daily and monitors the current situation, he has a better chance.

Results Polls === === Polls on the portal was: „Looking for a summer job or extra income?“

  • We have arranged for summer work. (11%)
  • We are looking for, but it's harder than last year. (77%)
  • Not looking for anything. (12%)

1899 people voted

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