Meetings of young project managers Added:5.8. 2009
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Meetings of young project managers

After the success of last year's first organized „group of young project managers“: at ACSA also this year an international meeting of young project managers, which carries the official name ** 2009 * Friendly Project *. The theme this year is professional development and personal growth of young project manager. Prerequisite knowledge of the English language.

The meeting is to bring more students or novice project managers the opportunity to consult and exchange information with more experienced colleagues. Lectures should be a number of important personalities of the major companies around the world. The program will include excursions into the underground complex of buildings Blanka tunnel in Prague.

The meeting will be held in Prague on 10th deadline ** – 13 September 2009 **. For more information, program and registration can be found „at this adresse“:… &.

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