The experience in Peru! Added:7.8. 2009
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The experience in Peru!

Neurological Center near Lima, the capital of South American Peru ** looking for volunteers from around the world **. Medical education is not required. Volunteers should primarily care for children with Down syndrome or autism, to play with them and help them.

As a non-profit organization, no paid work. Volunteers will be rewarded with a four-week stay in an exotic land, improving Spanish and a good sense of community service.

Participation in the program is English, at least partial knowledge of Spanish and a minimum age of 18. For the four weeks of stay Participants pay £ 800 ** ** (about 24 000 CZK), the price includes accommodation in families, food and technical assistance. Candidates can also pay extra for a two-week Spanish course before beginning the program. More information is available „here“:….

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