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Projection screen instead of board Added:13.8. 2009
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Projection screen instead of board

Potřicátépáté materialized in the last week of July Uherské Hradiště cinema halls, movie fans under the auspices of the popular festival on behalf of the Summer Film School. After ups and downs changes that it accompanied the last two years, this year it arrived nearly five thousand supporters. They really something to look at?

„I felt like the big multiplexes, where the rooms are too far apart and where the projections one can doze on the lawn under a tree in the park. Brautighanovský read a scene from Melon Sugar, "smiled Filipec Zdenek, who rebounded to filmovku for a long weekend from work. He wanted to play sports in-line skates and in the meantime to see the movie: "Uherske Hradiste is the perfect pancake, there can be nice to ride a bike or skates. But I probably would not stand every day to give four films. I'm a movie maniac. “

Most visitors, however, still four screenings a day easily managed. Comprehend them calmly and gave six. The first film started in the morning after the eighth, the last at midnight. „There are so many movies that it can not handle,“ he complained Pus Viktor, „especially if one wants to show a rebound.“ And it shows, theater, lectures, concerts, workshops and discussions were an essential part filmovky. United thematic cycles were as film and comics, film Austrian, French neo-baroque, belgium Other festival guests and retrospectives.

Audience, was particularly successful film series and live music. "Today there is still a solid belief that if the film is silent, so he was even in the silent cinema. Ever since the first beginning, but the films were accompanied by music, not piano, but also the entire orchestra. Many directors believed it to be accompanied during the shooting, Vertov himself even wrote a special musical instruction to his film The Man with the Movie Camera, "says editor Cycle Zdenek Blaha. The Hradiste he managed to bring forward the names of the Czech alternative scene, such as Magnetic MIDI PEOPLE Two or significant jazz musician George Stivin. "Personally, I take it as a good way to update silent films to present. The total of eleven played screenings with live music is a unique show at local festival conditions. And that of course we intend to continue into the future, "said Blaha.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3032/lfs1­.jpeg] Park between the cinema and star of peace, source:

Some have rebounded from a continuous stretch her legs sitting in the local barracks, which was filmed a movie premiere The key to having a summer film school. Experienced a preview of the new documentary Czech Jan Hus. Most of the images was projected earlier. It is thus „filmovka“ from other film festivals vary – try to wander back and make the world of cinema and potential cracks in the film education of visitors. Long-term goal is to bring the Czech cinema audiences of its neighbors – Poland, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary, where the current carry filmmakers and their films have not too attractive to audiences. „Austrians are perhaps good skier, but as the filmmakers behind the old Bela,“ criticized the Austrian film Favorites regular visitor George Sleeper. Taste a fix for another neighbor Visegrad – Hungarians. In the last lecture day he took lessons György Pálfi film, on which vividly showed the casting director for his latest film I'm not your friend.

As every year, accompanied filmovku specific phenomena such as failures in the screening, disorder, or usher subtitle films screening before trying to initiate the audience into the issue. „One of the most powerful experiences was his participation in films that featured Ondrej Shir. His speech evoked so much emotion that he would be the envy of the many professional presenters. When he appeared to indicate Normal people started clapping, without opening his mouth, "laughed Jardine Poliak. Usher became loved and hated temporary stars of the festival, as well as interpreters who simultaneously translated some projections. Stories have circulated mainly on the translation of midnight movies such as the legendary Deep Throat Porn and Hardcore Collection, which the translator refused to translate, with the audience before the screening taught basic words like "fuck“, „sea“ and „Deeper.“ According to the preferred language of evil has gone into the drink stand A2 Caribbean rums, which became a lively night with water most of the organizing team filmovky. It is around this booth, along with adjacent bars and clubs Peace spun nightlife filmovce.

While Prime Minister visitors were mostly excited by the long-term supporters of this year took many critics. Somebody did not sit a selection of films, the other missing people and more interesting names of filmmakers who were once routinely rats vlahých summer evenings in the streets and actively participated in the night revelry. Opposite view, but very artistic film director Paul Bednarik: "The festival may not be based on major celebrities and red carpets. Really interesting artists from Europe can reach a sufficient number of viewers, without have to write about them on the front pages of newspapers, and newspapers, "wrote the economic newspaper.

The first Summer Film School was held in 1962 and had Čimelice fifty participants. This year's thirty-fifth of them since 24 July to 3 August Hradiste Hungary, with which in 1992 grew together almost symbiotically, to attract a hundred times as much. The question remains as to the composition of participants and the program will hit the festival in competition over the river, which is currently underway in the Sand. What is certain is that their loyal viewers Summer Film School comes, as confirmed by George Space: „The filmovku I will come back until you return there will be projectors. If I had to sit there alone. “

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3032/lfs2­.jpeg] Artistic Director Paul SFS Bednarik from Star Cinema, source:

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