To practice a foreign language and meet new friends. Zn. Buddy Program Added:17.8. 2009
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To practice a foreign language and meet new friends. Zn. Buddy Program

The word „buddy“ in English means something like a close friend or friend – just someone to whom you can rely on. The content of the buddy program, which in our organizes several faculties, so it is not hard to guess: their association with the group of so-called buddies, who help foreign students understand the often difficult for them conditions.

Although the tradition of buddy programs in our schools still relatively young, enjoy these events was quite large popularity. The very first were born in the land of CTU, which is still organized by the International Student Club (ISC CTU). "International Student Club CTU in Prague was founded in 1999 and since then its members are actively helping incoming students. Big jump came in 2002 when the increasing number of foreign students was organized system to help foreign students and founded the Buddy Program, "said John Michael, president of ISC CTU. Also in other faculties experienced the greatest boom buddy programs usually only after 2000.

  • ** Where everywhere can be reported? **

Tour Buddy program is usually taken on either straight across schools and universities, or just the parts. They all constitute the designated organizational clubs – for example random. „Common Law Society“: (CLS) at the Faculty of Law, „Charles University International Club“: the Faculty of Social Sciences (IC CuNi), „Erasmus Students'Office“:… the Faculty of Medicine, has said the ISC, which operates only on the „CTU“ :, but also on the „OU Ostrava“:, „MUNI“:, „MUAF“ : and „BUT“: in Brno, such as the Erasmus Student Network, which operates on the " ALL ':, „University of Hradec Kralove“:… , in „Bohemia“: and „University“: and much more. His buddy programs (which are compared to most other American students use only) organizes an international organization „Council on International Educational Exchange“:…Results.aspx?… (CIEE), with which the present she cooperates University Faculty of Arts. Not all of this is far from exhaustive list, so it is always a good idea about the possible existence of a buddy program information directly to your school.

As is seen, for foreign students is taken care of us pretty well. But now the whole thing look through the eyes of those who would like one of those programs that involve the „Czech“ party.

  • ** Who buddies help? **

The buddy program with Czech students become literally right hand of their foreign counterparts who come to us for study or for shorter training courses. They mostly are Erasmus students or participants in any of the international exchange programs – and not only a matter of people from English speaking countries, as it might seem from the very title of the project. „Most foreign students through the Erasmus program comes to us from Germany, France and Spain, are regularly represented the Finns, Norwegians, Italians, Austrians and British. In addition, most students will come across a couple of different faculties agreement from Australia, New Zealand, USA or Japan, "says Martin Smržová of CLS. The diversity of nations is also confirmed by John Řeháková of ESN VSE. "Earth, we work with is really, among them such as the U.S., Canada, European Union countries, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, and others,“ he says. For example, Ondrej Lemele of IC CuNi then even calculated that the buddy program to date, attended by foreign students from 40 countries worldwide.

  • ** What is the main task of each buddy? **

It is quite simple answer: the responsibility of each buddy (the internal circles known as „bu (d), thanks be to“ or „buddieka“) is to take care of its foreign ward (aka „zahraňáka“ or „alter ego“) so that him stay with us become a nightmare. For many incoming students because it is their first visit to the Czech Republic and Europe sometimes, so it is not surprising that what comes to us perfectly normal for them may be impregnable nut. Buddy Program of programs is different in different faculties, but all are scheduled so that the foreign student as quickly orient himself in a new school and residence. But do not yet fear that it will be your companion foreign „mercy“ – everything is always under the supervision and with the help of coordinators and most events are also common to all program participants.

  • **… and specific tasks? **

What specific tasks are concerned, for example may be all the instructions on the „buddy program at the University“: Czech students according to their „contact with the student before his arrival, pick up a student at the airport / train station / place of arrival, bring it to college and there deal with formalities, to accompany him to school, arrange the necessary formalities for the relevant department to arrange an identification card explain the functioning of canteen, library and computers to handle card for public transport, provide basic information about life in Prague and orientation, to help him with eviction from the dormitory and, if necessary, to help foreign students in other matters. “

  • ** Who can participate in the program buddy? **

Most of our faculty respondents confirmed that the requirements for it, so you can one of the buddy program to participate are minimal. There is therefore need to fear that you will need to undergo intensive interview, look for references or to write letters of motivation. The basic condition is usually able to a foreign language (usually English), time-flexible, willing, reliable, interested to meet new people – and especially what you should be a student at the faculty or school, whose program you are applying. But there are also programs that are open to all students of any school – there is usually only required attendance at training, good knowledge of the language and the places where the program takes place (see, for example, „CIEE activities“: http://www.vysokeskoly. com / system / index.php? id = 2915 & article = 2040). At the age nor the number of completed buddy programs usually are no restrictions – on the contrary: as confirmed by Martin Smržová of CLS, a better experience there are just those students who are participating in the buddy program regularly. Perhaps at the University but are the allocation of „zahraňáků“ favored by those who are participating in the program report for the first time (other criteria and scoring system applied in the selection of Czech students find „here“: / 71). At some schools, students even want to give up participation in the buddy program, even long after the end of the study: „Among the active members we have several graduates, and even employees of CTU, who want to be in contact with foreign students,“ says John Michael from ISC CTU.

[Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3033/Sur­vival.JPG * *]

  • ** How to apply? **

Logging into the program is usually one of the easiest ways – via the Internet. Inclusion in the registry or directly interested in participating in the program specific date and further information can be reported either via mail or via a form into which you fill in all necessary data. Members of the organizing team will then hear from yourself and give all the information.

  • ** How long such a buddy program take? **

Assistance refers primarily to the first days of stay of foreign students, but during the year, the Czech buddies also take part in other exciting events (see below).

[Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3033/Bud­dy_VSE.jpg * *]

  • ** How often are buddy programs held? **

Programs are usually held each semester, sometimes three times a year (such as the University, where they can help out by Czech students during summer school). At present, culminating in writing buddy programs for the winter semester at Charles University, among other things, Charles University, CTU, the UPOL and others. Elsewhere (eg ALL) is recruiting for this semester is already closed. Register in the database of applicants, but in many schools at any time during the year.

  • ** Buddies are somehow financially rewarded or spot? **

Participation in the Buddy program is purely voluntary matter, buddies is not paid. In many faculties (ie not at all) students are not getting even and no extra points or credits, if reports such as Erasmus. But what at first glance may seem like a disadvantage, is actually very beneficial to the actual course of the project – report to him, really, only those who have a genuine interest in participating.

[Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3033/cle­nove.JPG * *]

  • ** What other benefits to them, the program offers? **

"Czech students appreciate the possibility of obtaining foreign friends, discover new culture and to practice foreign languages. Foreign students praised the willingness of their Czech buddieků and also that they are able to advise and assist with all possible administration. They are excited that we care about them beautifully, "summarizes in a few words of mutual benefit programs buddy John Řeháková of ESN VSE. Participation in the Buddy program is often associated with entertainment events such as trips, organized weekend events, parties, sports activities and so on., Which are held throughout the year "in the CPI are also part of the teambuilding activities for Czech alarms, as thanks for their assistance and also serves as a step to further ISC activities, "says John Michael from CTU.

PHOTO: 1, 2 Martina Smržová (Common Law Society, Faculty of Charles University), 3 Survival Weekend (ESN Buddy System Hradec Kralove), 4 Martin Sinal – Buddy Awesome Weekend (ESN Buddy System Pilsen), 5 Buddies of Pradubic (Buddy System Pardubice, photo: Martina Urbánková)

Author: Černá, Lucie

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