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Studying at university will help to find temporary jobs? Added:15.8. 2009
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Studying at university will help to find temporary jobs?

As you can read on our website and to convince themselves in practice, this year brigádníkům definitely want this. People are still looking for experienced, sophisticated and capable. wonder if they find casual work easier undergraduates. And if so, what benefits them in this case study provides?

Confidence, ability, courage

Students are often surprised at how the changes themselves during their studies. The zakřiknutých outsiders in the new team members are becoming popular, ever-disparaging and underestimating the new gain confidence and experience a new type of forces each zapátrat for their hidden talents **. ** And this is a very important contribution to studies of other activities – you'll find that you can do more than you think. With the approval of the line from MU: „I think that the study results in humans, first university to cooperate with others, and also to independence, which actually tests the creativity. And that is what I think is crucial in many jobs. " Natural communication skills, orientation to other people, confidence in their abilities, art work and create new things is valued in many jobs and often can outweigh the required experience. It is then not care what the study actually studying – what matters is how you can "sell“ his personality. „My friend is studying journalism and that's what my communication and creativity in dealing Traveler uses a lot,“ confirmed Radčina words.

I do what I can do

The core of the college is to improve in it, for what you already have the talent and use their enthusiasm for a particular area. It is expected that university graduates will be experts on specific ** ** field, and it will be able to work independently and function. This may appreciate the potential employer – your practice and theoretical basis, the orientation of the latest trends and of course like to work. The advertisements often run into a specific field of study requirement – is seeking temporary jobs among more students programmers, psychologists, teachers, or optometry. Inestimable benefit to those students whose school they find work to help herself. Some employers are turning directly to a specific department and look for potential „appropriate individuals. Just got a job at the studio of Peter Charles University in Prague: "High School when I find a summer job to help through a mandatory practice in the field. During free practice, I trained the company in the field and subsequently offered further cooperation. The advantage for me was mainly a knowledge of specialized software and industry knowledge. “

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Helps undergraduate studies in search of work? (Photo: stock.xchng) *

Use, you can

When she was talking about the confidence and practical skills, not to mention the benefits of study at college for foreign languages ​​** . Reading academic texts, through contact with foreign colleagues or removable stays the student's core level of communication turn into a smooth persuasive speech. Not to mention the opportunity to learn the basics of new and exotic languages. His art then you can use in tourism, international companies and in various translations. No wonder it is said that the best job a person gets over their friends. In college, it may pay twice – not only to learn new interesting people, but also with them, you will probably share a passion for a specific field and interests. Maybe your classmates are the best clutch for a fulfilling and well paid job. ** Contacts are still substantial .

Too optimistic?

Let us go back to the beginning of the paper – is currently working on a few students and one must often resort to activities that they considered inferior, or put up with a variant that can not make ends meet at all. It may also happen that a college education not meet expectations, and the promised benefits come ** **. Andy from the University of Prague, said: „For us it is excavated, for example, that science is an incredibly dynamic field, where it does not make much sense to teach practical, because it is always changing, so the best is the theory. And practice, we just get the work in the studio – it's a vicious circle. And my classmates would probably agree that in practice almost impossible to study them all. " What do I do? Break a stick over university education and to choose instead a practical college? Or postponed over the holidays gained knowledge and experience in housing and reunite with washing dishes in the nearest restaurant? Like almost every human activity, and to find temporary jobs and work at the studio are two great clichés: "Patience brings roses“ and „Who wants to, he can“. It means giving up after several missed opportunities and offer themselves to be by yourself and you place an advertisement on the site will post your resume.

What about in practice?

Students must get used to anything in life is not exactly as planned and smoothly. Getting experience can sometimes hurt, but – pathetically expressed – one should go to their ideas and dreams. How to start? Here are a few tips ** ** to his university studies in search of work to capitalize on: Students and faculty student teaching ** ** are often sought after for babysitting, as the leading clubs and camps for children or help in kindergarten. After employment, you may also inquire at a variety of specialized facilities (eg, language agencies, companies offering tutoring and organizing leisure activities). When studying a humanities or social sciences ** ** field, you can look for places in the administration, media, archives and libraries, museums, cultural monuments, but also in various positions, which is required to separate reasoning, general knowledge and good expression skills. Ostensibly searching for the easiest of the students will be among future computer scientists and programmers ** **. Looking for a smaller one and larger companies requiring specific knowledge of coding languages ​​and contracting has a very specific tasks. If the employer is satisfied with your work, can you offer to your enjoyment and long-term cooperation.

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