The Special Field: Plant Added:20.8. 2009
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The Special Field: Plant

Go to the doctor today is usually the same as buying dogs for breakfast. We used to think that even cats, dogs and other animals have their veterinarian. But that is the case even in plants? And it can even study? Note: Article was updated on 3 12th 2009 (-goose-)

What is the Plant ?

Plant could be called the science of plant protection. It deals with plant diseases, what causes this and what are the symptoms of these diseases, as well as pests and other potential injuries and disorders of plants. The aim is to find methods that would enable all these to prevent adverse effects. It should be noted that the field is linked to agricultural practices. Therefore, the greatest focus on agricultural crops, wild plants, fruits and vegetables, however, knowledge of plant health can be well used to protect ornamental plants.

What are the objects you encounter?

Bachelor's degree in studio courses will meet with general biology and chemistry, for example, which are organic and inorganic chemistry, Systematic Botany, Zoology, Biochemistry, or Genetics. Of course, their knowledge will continue to develop more specialized courses, including Field diagnosis of diseases and pests, weed science, Principles of Plant Nutrition, General Plant Production, Agricultural Entomology, Protection of horticultural crops, Fytofarmacie and application techniques and diagnostic methods. The master's degree studies await refinement and deepening of the newly acquired knowledge. You can run into subjects such as virology and bacteriology, chemistry of plant protection products, processing of experimental data on the PC or the genetic and biological protection of GMOs. The study is, of course, teaching a foreign language.

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What will you?

Plant Study offers jobs to positions of agronomists specializing in the care of the plants, you can also find work in the services created for distribution and sale of plant protection products. Your knowledge will surely appreciate the State Phytosanitary Administration, and other agricultural institutions and enterprises. If you continue further studies at master's level, will open the way to diagnostic and research laboratories. As a graduate, you should focus on crop management, including storage products and being able to choose ecologically and economically most suitable method of conservation of plants.

Where to study?

Plant is currently studying at two universities. The first is the already mentioned ** Mendel University in Brno **. It offers studies in the Plant Protection Faculty of Agronomy. The other is the ** Czech University of Agriculture ** – Faculty Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources.

===== Exams

Entrance exams are focused on biological and chemical testing of student awareness. As a criterion for admission may be taken, however, the average grade of high school. The success rate of candidates is about 90%. Last year at the Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno, reported on the field of 98 applicants who were accepted and 92 students at CUA Prague, among the 25 entries received in 1922 to study the candidates – are valid for full-time undergraduate stu­dy.

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