Ostrava University Faculty of Medicine is preparing its own Added:18.8. 2009
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Ostrava University Faculty of Medicine is preparing its own

Management of the University of Ostrava agreed with representatives of the Moravian Ostrava, North Moravia that lack medical training institutions. Their opinion is also supported by market research conducted among the inhabitants of Ostrava, who, according to this research, the Medical Faculty also welcomed. One of the incentives for this idea was also the fact that in Moravskolezském region is slightly smaller number of doctors per capita than the rest of the country.

University of Ostrava, therefore, has signed with the management of University Hospital Ostrava, and representatives of the Moravian city of Ostrava Statutory Memorandum of Medicine of the Faculty. Statutory City of Ostrava has decided to support the creation of faculties, not only financially, but also providing the necessary space.

A key approach to the Accreditation Commission. It decides whether they can be learning programs and courses of universities to be taught. The draft program of General Medicine faculty prepare for the new Ostrava submit to the committee in September this year.

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