New research reveals satisfaction of university students Added:22.8. 2009
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New research reveals satisfaction of university students

From 24 August to the end of October will be able to all undergraduate students attend research that will identify the financial costs associated with the study, the degree of satisfaction with the current state of education, views on the possibilities of international student mobility and more. The results of this research will be used, inter alia, to prepare for an act of financial aid to students.

The research firm will conduct the SC & C and is part of the project „IPN: Reform of tertiary education“ and the international project „Eurostudent“. Questionnaires, students receive the study wards, or mail.

** ** Contents of research The main mission of the research is "to identify all direct and indirect costs associated with the study, the sources from which these costs are paid by students (parents, scholarships and other social benefits, their own income, loans, etc.), how students live and how they are satisfied with housing how much time it takes them to commute to school, how much time is spent studying, work and other activities. " In addition, will include questions that will relate to students' opinions on various forms of financial assistance for study participation, or vice versa (for example, loans, scholarships, tuition reimbursement, etc..), The possibility of participation of students in local government and school management, the issue of Czech higher education in general, opportunities for studying abroad, etc.

More information about the research you will find „here“:…ysokych-skol.

Source: „“:…ysokych-skol

Author: Černá, Lucie

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