Graduation rehearsal is postponed Added:20.8. 2009
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Graduation rehearsal is postponed

Minister of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS) Miroslav Kopicová today decided to postpone the holding of graduation rehearsal for January 2010.

„When in September we will know whether or not graduation postponed, possibly for how long. Drawing primarily to meet the schools themselves, which is due to the fact that the GCSE has become the election issue, given the uncertain situation,“ explained the Minister.

"The uncertainty is too great. Members were originally on the possible delay, the state graduation rule at an extraordinary meeting in the summer. It is now clear but that do not make it until mid-September. (…) I decided to defer graduation rehearsal in January next year. Until then, everything is finally clear. Graduation rehearsal will bring the results you expect from her, "explained Kopicová.

According to Miroslava do Kopicová Ministry and Center for the Evaluation of Educational everything that the state graduation exam could be held in the original term, which is counted as schools, parents and pupils as well as the relevant law. „At the same time we must prepare for state graduation variant postponement by one year. All the steps I make with regard to pupils, schools and parents, who got a difficult situation,“ said Minister of Education, Youth and Sports.

The main task of the Ministry is now under Miroslava Kopicová convince MEPs that the suspension of two years would mean the virtual end of the state graduation ideas as such. And not just because the state had to return to the European Union, almost 200 million crowns, which got the project.

Source: Press release Ministry of Education

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