OSP Scio test compares with the foreign alternatives Added:24.8. 2009
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OSP Scio test compares with the foreign alternatives

Company Scio, whose tests are today used as entrance exams at some universities, decided to find out the correlation test of general study skills with like-minded international tests. Ultimately, they were in the 90 OSP years created.

Among the tests examining the applicant's branch but not the general skills – analytical, linguistic or quantitative – is one of America's GRE (General Record Examination) and the SAT Reasoning Test or the British TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment). It serves those in the U.S., Britain and other English-speaking countries as a ticket to higher education.

Scio has decided to reward any 200 CZK graduates of foreign tests and also provide them with participation in national comparative tests (tests OSP and English) for free. Based on their results will be elaborated a comparative study.

Source: „scio.cz“: http://www.scio.cz/…korelace.asp,

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