New Study at MUP: Anglophone Studies Added:28.8. 2009
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New Study at MUP: Anglophone Studies

Metropolitan University Prague, ops offer from the upcoming new academic year follow-up master's degree in Anglophone Studies **. ** Will be open under the International Area Studies, and study how it can be in attendance, and in the combined form of study (for more information on the new field visit "site MUP ':…a/anglofonni- studia/582).

** Important dates: ** in the field of Anglophone students, as well as in other fields, you can still submit applications. Deadline for applications is always ** 14 days before the entrance exams **. You seem to have the second ** and 23 September 2009 ** (the combined form of all fields, except for the Anglophone studies, students are admitted without entrance exams). The last open days are held ** 1 and 22 September 2009 **.

** Entrance Exams ** exams test the knowledge of English (Level B2 + / C1), and British literature and American cultural studies at the bachelor's degrees. It consists of oral and written. Written test validates the knowledge of the history, literature and cultural studies in English speaking countries to the extent specified bachelor examination and language skills. The oral examination focuses on the verbal interaction and Spoken (MUP rector may, by written request submitted in justified cases recognize that the essential conditions for admission to a graduate program and entrance exam waived). Details on the content of entrance examinations go to „this site“:…Mgr_2009.pdf. Test of English you can try the „here“:…udia_Mgr.pdf sample knowledge test and then find „here“: vedomostni_tes­t_AS.pdf.

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