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Manual for the freshmen I - PRODUCTION SCHEDULE Added:27.8. 2009
Updated:5.9. 2012
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Manual for the freshmen I - PRODUCTION SCHEDULE

In early studies of high school, many freshmen seems lost – you have to get used to the new learning system, you will enjoy a lot of arranging and bureaucracy, plus you have to deal with things as housing and finances. To help you focus in all this easier, we have prepared a five-part manual for freshmen. Its first part is devoted to the study subjects and creation of schedule.

** The hours? But where. ** Times when you sat down at eight o'clock in the eyes zalepenýma bench and about three are returning home, are gone forever. (Although there are exceptions, eg certain medical fields.) School bell also gone forever. And nobody will not write the book in class with the question, where were you when you come late or miss at all. Well maybe. In high school, do not walk in hours, but for lectures, seminars and exercises that are part of individual subjects or courses. The main difference lies in the fact that lectures are not mandatory, whereas in seminars and exercises is required několikaprocentní participation. Absence must be excused. However, it pays to go to lectures because they are teachers who participate in or opt into account the final evaluation. In addition to the lectures can clarify and expand the austere unclear from the required curriculum package. For this test you will appreciate. Seminars and tutorials are rather more practical in nature with fewer students in the study group gave more opportunity to discuss with the teacher and other colleagues.

** First study, then the stress .** During the academic year you expect a number of different periods. First of all, the winter and summer (sometimes fall and spring) semester in which they are held lectures, seminars and exercises. Each semester is a written credit closed last week, followed by the examination period. And here it ceases to pay school „Five, six months does not mean anything.“ Just half (which is the end of one semester), you must prove that you have to practice on. From this perspective, is not so important as the semester grades.

And what distinguishes a midterm exam week? First, the length – exam takes about a month. But mainly in the form of assessment. For signs of getting credits, but only „branded“ passed / not passed. You are often judged on the basis of written test, but can also produce an essay or seminar paper. Compliance credit is also sometimes seen as a precursor to the test. Tests take place in writing and orally, and a scale 1 to 5 scale is replaced by the stamps from A to F, where F indicates natečení water shoes. In practice, this means a re-test and in the worst case of repetition of the subject. Colloquium is usually solved by an oral examination more students at once. You should interact in case of emergency artfully pretending that you know how most of all.

** Schedule! Where's my schedule? ** The first term, which during the year should not be missed is the end date of registration and enrollment of subjects. Until that date you choose individual courses and assemble your own schedule, as necessary according to the study plan prepared by the school and according to your own preferences. Much depends on the field of study and school study. Maybe the medicine will have more or less a given schedule, while the journalism it will be able to adapt, which is rigid compared to the six secondary osmihodinovkám nice change. On the other hand, is not uncommon to have classes at seven o'clock in the evening.

Courses to choose from three types. First mandatory. You will receive pay according to the recommended curriculum. Often it is the successful completion of one course required for entry into the next – it becomes the prerequisite. Compulsory subjects must meet all unconditionally. Next, write the obligatory optional subjects from which it is your job to meet the minimum required volume. Finally, optional items, which really depends entirely on you. It is also important to enroll early in the year or semester (this semester you've probably already dismissed write directly to your chosen university), otherwise the school will be regarded as „apostates“ who have decided not to continue their studies.

Hunt ** Credit ** For each successfully completed a subject you get a small amount of credits. They'll collect the whole study as an honest philatelist signs so that you have at the end of a purse filled exactly to the liking of school. Simply, the school will set how many credits you get and what the structure – how many credits will be A (the subjects) the number of B (compulsory optional subjects) and C (optional subjects). Without the submission of properly filled purses will not be accepted for final exams at the end of the study. It is usually defined as the minimum amount of credits to advance to the next semester or year.

In the next part to learn more about the financial demands and possibilities of college.

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