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Manual for freshmen V - Formalities Added:14.9. 2009
Updated:5.9. 2012
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Manual for freshmen V - Formalities

How to make sense in the learning system? What is the student ID card can be used? What is IS UIS or Stage? At the beginning of university studies you will find many formal barriers that you have to overcome. The final part of our Handbook for freshmen will be the climbing easier.

In previous work we've been through the organization of higher education. This time we will continue a bit of administrative matters.

** ** The rows in order Where to find out how many credits you naškudlit for one semester and how the whole study? For how long you should know the result of an exam? What is included in the final state exams? The study and examination regulations, a more sophisticated equivalent of the annoying mandatory předčítaného s papers at the beginning of the school year for elementary and high school. Study and examination regulations, every student should know as the alphabet (and you do not count on the fact that he could recite together Sept. 1). Adjusts the resolution of any imbroglio is your university behavior – the number of appeals exam dates, registration rules and registration of subjects, the possibility of inter-faculty studies, and unexpected circumstances, the proper graduation and drop-outs. The distress and misunderstanding can turn to for advice on the study department, including serving for the transmission or processing omluvenek certificate of study. At many universities the study advisors work directly from the students, whose hand you would also be helpful in all troubles.

** Student ID card ** What really makes a student a student? Little green plastic card commonly known as the ISIC. Without it nenajíte in the canteen, not loan you any book in the school library or the neokopírujete the study materials and sometimes even get into the classroom or lecture hall. ISIC is a general identification of students and require it of you will also transport company when buying a student ticket. Moreover, in some cultural and entertainment enterprises and shops can be the ISIC card receive a small discount. Of course there are other identification cards, but the ISIC is the most widespread. Small warning – on this tab, you like taking pictures for ID, which can be quite daunting especially when looking at the finished work.

Note: you become a real student after passing a sort of university, called matriculation. It is a ceremony in the presence of representatives nastrojených faculty and the university where the study zaslíbíte fairly and properly, then you will receive a matriculation certificate. Sometimes this is a mandatory ritual, optional elsewhere, may be both public and private.

** Information Systems and other maze ** Beginning semester offers one or two Fighting. Orientation in buildings because of the faculty you may initially seem like a journey through the labyrinth Minotaurovým. Not trickier for someone to confess to the so-called IS, UISu, Stage and many others. What are we talking about? IS represent UIS and stage some form of school systems or agendas operating exclusively on the network. In varying degrees by individual schools provide basic information about you, schedules, descriptions of items, as well as applications for registration for exams, registration for courses, serving various applications. In fact, slowly but surely replacing paper indexes (which are in many schools it is never at all), and even record your learning outcomes. So if too nekamarádíte the world of zeros and ones, is that the time has come.

** Dear … teachers? ** The information systems are often associated with school e-mail inbox. Well you will serve in an official communication with teachers, the study department and with senior managers. Whether in electronic or in personal communication is the rule to reach the highest degree obtained (courtesy of the course). There are those who have the correct title shy, others are more tolerant. As the title implies that the abbreviation can be found in our „academic vocabulary of terms“: Remember, however, that if you see the name of a shortcut professor. doc or. (They are deserving titles), do not hesitate to addressing sir / Madam Professor and Professor Sir / Madam lecturer, always used in preference. Most often you will write and say, Doctor and Doctor (all titles of Dr., as Dr.. MUDr., Dr.., PaeDr. Etc.) and masters Mr. / Ms Master (Mgr.), Engineer Mr. / Ms Engineer ( Ing.). If, however, get into a situation where you need to solve some „administrative“ issue with the leadership of the faculty or university will be better to stick with the rank function, ie, the rector (head of the university), Rector (Rector's Repre­sentative), Dean (head of faculty), Dean (Deputy Dean).

** Where to get a script? ** Most schools now offer textbooks in electronic form, it is often just downloaded from the Internet directly from the information system, but some students will certainly meet with the printed scripts. Buy it directly at the university bookstores, or to Look for used and therefore less expensive materials on school exchanges, internet forums or bulletin boards.

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