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Manual for freshmen II. - FINANCE Added:31.8. 2009
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Manual for freshmen II. - FINANCE

To newcomers to higher education easier orientation in the first year, we have prepared multi-part manual for freshmen. This time we will deal with student finances.


** ** Initial investment At the beginning of the study note with considerable extra expense – you can expect fees for various licenses, purchase of study materials, pens, etc., maybe you pay a deposit for accommodation. Many of you will probably also consider buying a laptop. Study certainly can not, however, most students do it sooner or later takes the same. Cheapest option are mini-notebooks (you can get is from CZK 7 000) or second-hand equipment.

** ** Current spending Among the regular students' expenses include housing, food, transportation, study materials and the cost of entertainment. Current studies on university expenditures are not available (the latest count in 2005 with the now unrealistic average cost of 3 500 CZK / month), according to experience in my neighborhood today, the average undergraduate comes with 6 to 8 thousand a month.


Most students support their parents financially, but not always enough. You can earn the brigades or through scholarships.

** ** Brigades The situation on the labor market this year, unfortunately, reflected in the financial crisis, and so the offer brigades considerably thinner. Brigade search for employment agencies, on the portals with job offers directly in companies but also on school bulletin boards or Internet forums. The minimum hourly wage is CZK 48.10 gross, Prague salaries begin at about 75 CZK / hour., Then in the regions to 60 CZK / hour. Among the most accessible and most profitable work includes tutoring, Hostessing or assistance in stores.

. <> * *** Where to get money to study? (Photo: stock.xchng) *

** Scholarships ** The basic scholarship on which they can apply it in the first year include merit scholarships, social and accommodation. Criteria for merit scholarships each school is determined otherwise, please check with your study department of your faculty. Social scholarship guarantees the Higher Education Act to students who „are entitled to child benefit in an increased acreage and per month for at least a multiple of this allowance.“ Accommodation scholarship is paid out in several batches of aggregate per year and the amount is variable, usually in the order of hundred-notes per month. The right to have him those loans for studying outside their place of residence, and in their study of a single degree.

Another option are student loans. For more information about them as you „here“:…ity/Posledn% C3% AD% C4% 8Dl% C3% A1nkyakoment% C3% A1% C5% 99e/tabid/64 / articleType/Ar­ticleView/arti­cleId/646/Ban­ky-pj-studentm-s-rokem-od-74-procenta.aspx ..

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In the next part of this special, we will deal with student housing.

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