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School taught me to look and see, says the graduate of Fine Arts Added:2.9. 2009
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School taught me to look and see, says the graduate of Fine Arts

The young painter Vera Kotlarova-Chovancová completed his studies at the Fine Arts BUT only four years ago, but since then has managed to organize several group and solo exhibitions. Artistic career with an uncertain future with fear, because the slogan „What costs nothing, are not particularly good“ …

** VERA ** Kotlářová-CHOVANCOVÁ (b. 1980) graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Technology, where she led Stratil study drawing and intermedia. Painting is dedicated today, her work is shown by the oversized format and bold colors. Asked whether she and her work alive, responds that her spaghetti feed, which loves. However, with seriousness adds that money is not everything – is happy that he can do what she enjoys. „It is as it always has been and probably will be: People do not want to live too much to be happy, but everyone must deal according to their values,“ he says. In addition to his visual art also teaches a few hours at a secondary school in Brno, which is considered a very good experience and would definitely recommend it.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3055/Bez nazvu.jpg] Untitled (2002)

** Vera, when you reported to the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno, then you already know what to do in the future? **

When I reported to the FFA, I reported from the high schools of art from Cesky Krumlov. It's where I went on applied paint, I love to draw. I remember one week we had a so-called zero hour, when we started at seven in the morning and ended with an evening drawing sometime around eight in the evening. It was very nice. We got up and dawn and returning after sunset, the man lived.

** Faculty of Fine Arts was the only school to which you have reported? **

Yes, the FFA was the only school to which I applied, I did not reported to Prague, Brno seemed nicer. Sure, I sometimes had a rabbit intentions, but it was not always (laughs). My uncle and my dad always ubezpečovali me that I had to endure and what it costs nothing, are not particularly good. But to be a freshman, I had about fifty kinds of violets and many other flowers, I was also interested in Plant, then again I took sociology … Just let people discover and get excited, and I would not … But all that will enrich the painting, you still benefit from what is still discovering the new.

** You should have before entering the college with any previous art experience? Do you think that kind of experience needed to take? **

I have many friends, as an artistic medium and studied at universities – and what are the University. But if one wants to learn the craft, then draw and paint what they see, and it should then come out for free stuff, he wants a statue or painting, so high school is a good basis. When the foundation is not to simply learn it from scratch. A lot of people but a central and do not need video, Performances, and other things and get by with the means to dominate and very good.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3055/Ba­letky.jpg] Dancer (2005)

** How do you remember the very entrance exams for college? And would you advise some prospective candidates? **

Admission was great, Vaclav lost contractors funny tasks. They were between us and current students from higher grades, I felt fine, it was something completely different. And what I would recommend to future students? To study any university, there certainly take a look at the open day. And as far as art school, do not hesitate to grab pictures of which you think are the best, and ask for advice. Also find out who is the man for whom you come, and if, for example paints, find a monograph and so on. Otherwise, you build on the water. Finally, I would advise all applicants, both insist they will not let setbacks – they will come and it's so normal. What costs nothing, are not particularly good. Everything has its time, just endure. The painting is a drill, the talent is good, but not enough. You have to try again and again, and when it does not, so different and again. If you give up, you finish.

** What do you remember from learning what you like best, and vice versa mind? **

Great times were when we were in the studios spent hours and hours, you need to remember how I painted the evening, and Ms. Cook let me sleep in the studio. I was looking at the picture, but I forgot that a friend painted sardine there. In the morning my eyes were like tennis balls, because there are wafting everywhere turpentine, and as there was a man all day, so I did not see it (laughs). School for me meant a lot of time spent in front of images, time to just paint, go to lectures, talk about it with friends. She gave me a chance for me to paint, and taught me to see – to look at things and if zcitlivět. Being a student of Vaclav Stratil meant freedom of speech, freedom. Vaclav is and was a friend, a man with him, looking around, thinking about things. It's personality. He also told me many times, I let it, let's not destroy, but I'm just sticks and painted on. I remember when my friends send me, whether I take the spray paint or hand out – but in vain … (Laughs) Then I need utahala, but it is a great experience – to learn when it's finished. It is not no recipe for a cake, but it is all one can learn.

** Was school somehow for later use on the cultural scene, or suspect that you have to develop a „self help“? **

About obliviously as self-help – and I had to learn to walk as little. If appointed, who all helped me, so I just forgot a lot of names. And most importantly, I believe that with God's help. Otherwise, whether it is a cultural scene, doing much about it, if you are a student of this or that. I'm lucky that I can do what I enjoy, but if someone asked if it carries great money, so I advised him about other schools …

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3055/Hol­cicka.jpg] Girl (2008)

** How are you today – because you have recently graduated – looking artists of the older generation? They take you as an equal colleague? **

As a painter, perhaps, as equivalent to a colleague about it is not. But you had to ask someone else.

** How difficult is it to your experience, to organize their own exhibition? **

It takes stamina and ignition.

** You Amaro Jilo initiator of the project („our hearts“). You can briefly introduce yourself? **

Jan Chovanec on it just as involved, and then another X people. It was a charity auction and the money went to repair the vicarage in Brno-Zábrdovice. Fara is repaired, but that's not just thanks to us, and now there is tutoring, clubs and much more.

** Do you think you to implement this project helped your success and contacts in the arts field, or is it rather a sort of „second branch“ of your business? **

Have contact, that was very important, without them I would get to those people.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3055/Pro_­Tebe.jpg] For You (2006)

** If you engage in art, what else would you like to pay? **

I do not know, just know that I'm lucky that I can patlat and play and still do what I enjoy. It reminded me of a question if I was not born in Bohemia, but somewhere in Spain, who was I?

** What are you currently working now or what about next? **

I just put in a box of gingerbread one little girl who will have a birthday, I baked yesterday, and tomorrow I will give her mom (laughter). And in my studio hangs a large canvas, a drawing and a lion on a giant canvas, so I'm looking forward to tomorrow. In the near future will need to finally make Web pages and much more, including an exhibition. Well, it is somehow too much, but my love Honza do it, the two are better than one, and even with God's help – you want more! (Laughter)

photo: archive-Vera Kotlářová Chovancová

Author: Černá, Lucie

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