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Manual for freshmen III. - HOUSING Added:4.9. 2009
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Manual for freshmen III. - HOUSING

Find cheap and decent housing is not exactly easy today, especially when one looks for it in a strange city. A similar problem is solved, each year thousands of newly-minted and existing students. Options, where one's head, a few, but each carries its own advantages and disadvantages …

Track === ===

Probably the most common solution, after which they reach, particularly for newly admitted students or those who live far from their place of study, is a student dormitory. Such housing raises controversial reactions among the cold, which is understandable given the fact that the dorm they live and specifically what they expect from housing. The main argument for granting college (applications it is usually served during the holidays) is driving distance from home to school, but also takes into account the student's social situation, health status, etc. In the later years are to be added for the current period or study. If you have received college, most will automatically remain on the waiting list in case the bed during a release, or release of beds you have to watch yourself. There are now also private colleges, which are practically in every major city. Here, however, is to be expected with a higher price than at traditional colleges. In exchange, but will have more freedom and convenience often – we can say that private colleges are kind of compromise between traditional dormitories and apartments.

** Price ** The price for accommodation in university dorms, depending on where you live, the number of beds and number of supplementary services (number of sanitary facilities on each floor or room, private or shared kitchen, internet access, etc.) are around 50 to be up to 160 crowns per day. There are also those where you get only a 40 crowns, but they do not usually have fewer than 4 persons or Internet connection. The most expensive rooms on the contrary offer greater comfort and privacy and cover most of the city colleges.

** Benefits ** low housing costs, the possibility of obtaining single or double rooms (surcharge), especially in new or refurbished hostels relative comfort and good facilities (some with sauna, sports, TV room, student club or Darkroom ), the security of housing (at least for one year), improved contacts with other students, in some cases, access to good schools (some schools in the college located in the area), the opportunity to enjoy the „student life“

** Cons: ** uncertainty of getting a room (due to lack of space), the need for compliance with mandatory rules – the so-called „Halls of Residence Regulations (notification of visits, strict compliance with the night time, on-demand show college ID card, etc..), In particular the need for less expensive rooms to share bathroom and kitchen with other rooms, often a small choice of roommates, lack of privacy, at first glance, the existence of "invisible“ costs (using washing machines and other appliances, sports, etc.), in some cases a little comfort and lack of complementary services (Internet, etc.)

Roommates === ===

Roommates is a way to avoid even závratnému rent while you enjoy some degree of privacy. Bid roommates found in virtually every real estate portal (excluding real estate Web sites can also look for advertisements for private individuals or student portals). Many schools offer an „exchange“ and living on their own sites (such as the Masaryk University ( ":, etc.).

** Price ** The price of the roommates on a number of parameters (for example, depends whether you are renting a room or an entire apartment, how many people in the flat, what is the amount of additional charges, where the flat, etc.). But the general conclusion is that the rental price is higher than a student dormitory (if only because no one in your home does not provide any subsidies). Sometimes it is better to look for an apartment in the outskirts of the city or just behind him, even at the cost of a longer commute. Rentals are cheaper here.

** Benefits ** still relatively low housing costs, comfort, independence, choice, roommates or landlords

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3056/ko­lej2.jpg]

  • Looking for dorm rooms V. Sinkuleho managed by CTU (source: *

Neýhody ** ** generally higher price than the college, the need to proceed to the „home“ rules (especially in case of renting a room in another apartment), attempt to save often leads to a flat cutting more people, than what is intended, resulting in to reduce the privacy and living space, some problems exist with the common financing, household duties, etc., housing insecurity after the expiry of the lease is not always available on the Internet

Other options === ===

In addition to the mentioned address their situation, students also commute. Expenditure on fares is because they often come out quite a bit less than the rent. The downside, however, often spent hours in the vehicles and getting up early. This variant, therefore, recommended to students of higher classes, who can not usually adjust your time schedule options. Another variant of the classical the hostel is close in price to rent your room or flat share.

Student opinions === ===

** Teresa of Economics: ** „The first two years I lived in the dormitory, but sanitary conditions were terrible (we were there to be the cockroaches and rats). Now I live with my boyfriend in a communal apartment with two other students at Černý Most, and pay every 2 CZK 500, while renting a room together. At college I'd be gone. “

John from UK ** ** „I first came to college, when I was 15 was actually on the Internet. The biggest shock was dining there and very limited walking. I remember too the 4 showers and toilets for 40 girls. The tracks in Bratislava It has been different – I got into the "luxury dormitory. I lived in the unit with shower and toilet“ only „for ten people. ineternet but there was a bathroom was old as college itself, just over 30 years. A year Later I "upgrade“ – the cell was the same, but the bathroom has a new one. Unfortunately, I got a promotion and a roommate with whom I can not quite understand. Coming to Prague again, I have shared bathroom facilities on the corridor, both for men and for women. It happens that I run to the bathroom and someone is just on the urinals … Over the summer I live at the twins. My case is a temporary hole in the wall, the curtain hung on the nails … "

Theresa ** UK ** „I live with my friend and we are very happy. I live there since freshman year, ie.'ll Be there for the fifth consecutive year, and definitely not complaining. We both had a chance to go to apartments, but we are rejecting it, and I think that by the end of the study have nevykopeme tracks – even though the track still expensive and you can find cheaper digs … and a lot of it depends on with whom you live and how much energy and money (limited) you want to Rooms paste – if you vymaluješ, buy a box, hang up the poster board, shelf, is suddenly an ugly room oprýskaného relaxing den, where they not only survive but also live well … “

** Lucy from MUNI: ** „The first two years I lived in the dorm room with four beds. It was a cheap, I only paid 1400 CZK per month, but you had no privacy, plus the common showers and toilets with boys. From třeťáku we replaced various privates and I would not change. It is a bit expensive, but the quality of housing can not be compared. “

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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