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Manuals for freshmen Added:6.9. 2009
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Manuals for freshmen

Freshmen at each university to become its confusing and endless wandering queries favorite target of jokes and „brakes“ in the study department. If you are this year to a group of „wannabes“ and would like to avoid unnecessary problems, make sure you look around for guides designed specifically for you. Here are the basic overview.

*** PRAGUE **

** Charles University, Prague ** The Charles University is best to navigate through publications and manuals issued by individual faculty. If you're planning to ** ** Faculty of Science, will help you „this link“:…m/pro-prvaky download and you can also „a practical guide ":…-prvaka/uvod. Similarly, freshmen at the College of Education ** ** can before entering the studio browse through the "Karolinka“:…od0910_1.pdf. For future students of General Medicine 2nd ** ** Faculty of Medicine, is designed special „study guide“:…pruvodce.htm. ** Faculty of Social Sciences ** thematically devoted to all freshmen a special issue of its journal „Social“: Not only first-year students of Faculty of Arts ** ** is available sites „OFFS“:…x.php/Hlavn% C3% AD_strana.

** University of Economics in Prague ** Every year the University prepares students for the newly emerging „Guide to the freshman college“:…a_prvaka.pdf that allows faster to navigate in the accommodation system. Freshmen at the Faculty of Economics ** ** find all relevant information on the „this address“:….

** Czech Agricultural University in Prague ** CUA does not issue any special freshmen for a comprehensive publication, a lot of useful information, but surely there „in these guidelines“:… ** Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources **.

** Czech Technical University in Prague ** Future Students ** ** Technical University Faculty of transport can počíst in this „summary of basic information“: „General Guide“: CTU students prepare the organization IAESTE **. **

BRNO *** **

** Masaryk University in Brno ** MU freshmen to receive the decision to admit an electronic brochure, which is familiar with basic information about the faculty and the university itself. „Thus“:…tter_PdF.pdf look like the one from the Faculty of Education **. ** „Similar“:…WSLETTER.pdf comes to e-mail sites as well as future students of the Faculty of Social Studies ** ** for which the faculty also hold orientation week focused on familiarization with the study and new city.

** University of Technology ** Older colleagues, BUT Brno organized for new recruits at various times called „Vuťákoviny“: These actions should not only familiarize freshmen with the new environment, but also strengthen relationships with future classmates.

** Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno ** „Freshman Guide 2009/2010“: a document containing all relevant information about the studio is free to download.

*** ** OLOMOUC

** Palacky University in Olomouc ** If your future alma mater UP, be sure to download the handy „Baedecker Kudykam“:…ce-a-pokyny/.

OSTRAVA *** **

** University of Ostrava ** For the incoming students, OU is available as a „special site for freshmen“:… prepared by the Union of Students ** Estates OU **.

** Technical University – University of Ostrava ** The benefit to future students ** Faculty of Electronics and Computer Science ** – (not only) for them is for this „electronic guide“:…ce-prvaka-na- fei.


** University of Pardubice, Pardubice ** To help you easily sailed into unknown waters of studies at the University of Pardubice, prepared for your first month UPCE guide – handbook „The pilot 2009“:…/lodivod.pdf is free to download.


** South Bohemian University on Czech Budejovice ** Orientation in the University of South Bohemia in the first difficult weeks, this may facilitate „Freshman Guide“:…rirucka/view?…, which is available for download at the Faculty of Health Studies ** * *.

*** ** PILSEN

** University of West Bohemia in Pilsen ** Neither UWB forgot her „youngest business.“ Eg. ** ** Faculty of Mechanical Engineering offers a downloadable guide on „Guide freshman this link for UWB“:…ruvodce-FST/.

** Tip: ** If your school does not issue an official guide, or would like to pre-acquainted with future classmates, try to surf the waves of the Internet. You may encounter an unofficial discussion (eg „forum IES FVK“:…iewtopic.php?… the UK) or blogs, specially created group (Heavens, Facebook – here is organized as "" seznamovák "":… for freshmen TBU), experience from previous years, etc.

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